How To of the Week: How to Choose the Ideal Dorm / Apartment Vacuum

by Mark 8. August 2014 06:40

With school waiting right around the corner, you may find yourself like other students and parents scrambling to get all of the necessary supplies for move in day to the dorm or apartment.  You know your knowledge seeker needs a vacuum for the room and it needs to fall within budget.  With so many options available, which machine suits your needs?  Let’s take a look.

First, we consider the Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum.  Simply hold the handle of the hose and you can clean floors (including carpet, linoleum, or cement, the popular flooring choices in dorms) and by attaching accessories, your cleaning reach extends to every inch of the room.  You can upgrade the Mighty Mite with a True HEPA filter separating the microscopic particles that irritate the respiratory system from exiting the vacuum back into the room.  You can have this compact canister vacuum with full amenities for $88.95.  Read more about the Eureka Boss Mighty Might here.

For lighter clean up jobs and versatility, consider the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum 96JZ.  A smaller hand vacuum rests inside the full stick body for floor or detail cleaning.  Pick up shreds of notebook paper and crumbs for when your date comes over to watch movies on your laptop.  When you finish, empty the dust cup and store the vacuum out of sight.  You never need to worry about bags.  Click to see if the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum is right for your room.

Maybe you get lucky and your roommate/suitemate already owns a vacuum to clean the floors, but you still need something small and less bulky to clean your own area.  Do you need to dust your desk?  When was the last time the blinds were vacuumed?   You can go to each section of the room and use either the main suction nozzle or use the mini hose and crevice tool to get into the smaller, thinner locations.  Could the Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vacuum be the one?

During your college years, you grow, learn, and understand new aspects of education and life.  Spend less time cleaning and more time studying and making friends and memories thanks to one of these machines.  If you feel you need something a little different than these dorm and apartment approved vacuums, call one of our expertly trained associates to help find the right machine for you within your budget.  Call today at (866)-972-8227 and check “vacuum” off your back to school list.


Canister Vs. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

by Mark 24. February 2014 04:34

When choosing a new vacuum, the first question that arises is, “canister or upright?”  This simple question confuses, vexes, and exhausts home owners day after day.  Each style boasts a unique set of strengths for consumers to consider; just answer a few simple questions and the decision becomes clearer.

What kind of flooring?

If the home has only hardwood or bare floors, the canister vacuum wins.  Hardwood floors reverberate and amplify sound greater than muffled carpeting does making a canister ideal.  The body design allows for improved insulation and sound suppression.  Bare floors do not need to be swept with a motorized brushroll, so an air driven turbo nozzle with bristles meets cleaning requirements.

If carpets stretch from wall to wall throughout the home (save a spot of wood or tile), then look towards an upright vacuum.  Dust, dirt, and sand settle to the fibers’ base and slowly scratch and shred away causing the carpet to fray and rip.  The motorized agitator (otherwise known as a brushroll) displaces debris embedded deep at the carpet’s pile extending the life for many years.

Many new homes feature both bare surfaces such as hardwood and carpeting making the choice slightly more difficult.  Many vacuum specialists recommend and steer people towards canisters with a motorized brushroll as the nozzles can be removed and changed from the power head to a hardwood floor brush.

How many levels?

How heavy the vacuum feels weighs on the minds of many.  Single floor homes tend to see uprights due to easy storage space while multi-floor homes hold more canisters thanks to lightweight design.  Canisters also (usually) come with a tool meant for cleaning stairs, however, uprights now feature stair tools that attach to the hose/wand.  Lightweight upright vacuums also work well in multi-floor homes and have become a recent trend.

The big one.

What’s your preference?  Users grow accustomed to one of the styles.  A salesman can tell a customer all day about how one style suits their home over the other, however, at the end of the day, the customer’s comfort determines which vacuum works for the home.  Many companies have begun making uprights with a brushroll on and off switch to transition between carpet and bare floors to provide an alternative to home owners.   Some do not enjoy the canister rolling along behind them; some enjoy the lightweight design of canisters. 


Canisters have the versatility for all hardwood or a combination of hardwood and area rugs/carpeting.  Uprights have the edge on wall-to-wall carpeted homes.  Your preference guides you towards the purchase that brings peace of mind and easy usage.  If you have any doubts, contact our specialists at 1-(866)-972-8227 and we can guide you towards your ideal vacuum match.

SEBO D4 Canister Vacuum

by Mark 11. February 2014 10:35

SEBO leads the industry through innovation and delivering convenience to the user.  The D4 canister vacuum provides simple operation and durable longevity while cleaning not only the floors, but the air in the home as well.  With the customer always in mind, the German engineered and manufactured SEBO D4 rejuvenates homes like no other vacuum.

The D4 Premium comes standard with the ET-1 power nozzle while the D4 comes with the option between the ET-1 and the ET-2; both the ET-1 and ET-2 power nozzles feature manual height adjustment allowing the user to raise or lower the brushroll to the correct height to contour to the level and pile of the carpet.  The 3.5 inch low-profile easily cleans under furniture and beds where unseen dust builds up.  In the event a sock or some bit of clothing gets vacuumed, the ET-1 and ET-2 will shut off immediately thanks to the anti-brushroll jam feature.  Additionally, if the brush does not spin at the optimum RPM, an indicator light comes on and the power nozzle shuts itself down.  If anything becomes clogged, a one-push button ejects the brush for cleaning or replacement.

While vacuuming, the user can monitor airflow power with the LED indicator on the canister.  If the airflow becomes choked or does not meet the requirement, the user simply pushes the increase or decrease button found on the hose handle or changes the height on the power nozzle to rectify the loss of suction.  Throughout cleaning, the canister easily glides across the floors and rotates to convenient locations upon four rubber castors as the 40 ft. power cord provides 52 ft. of radial cleaning capabilities. A common con and fault of canisters is that they bump into furniture, taking chunks of chairs out.  SEBO crafted the D4 with an airbelt bumper to preserve your furniture throughout years of cleaning work.

The SEBO D4 not only cleans your carpet and hardwood over time, but the air around you as well thanks to the hospital-grade filtration system operating through the machine.  The filters remove 99.97% of all pollutants and allergens down to .03 microns (to put things in perspective, the average human hair measures at a diameter of 100 microns).  For pet owners dealing with dirty dander or allergy sufferers who need the cleanest air to save their nasal passages, the SEBO D4 delivers time and again.  A five (5) year warranty covers all non-wear parts of the SEBO D4 canister vacuum.

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