Choosing the Right Central Vacuum Attachment Kit for Your Home

by Zack 24. February 2014 09:43

At first it seems overwhelming to choose the most suitable central vacuum accessories for a home.  One should become familiar with several subjects before committing to any particular kit to ensure compatibility and performance. However, besides the overall performance of central vacuum attachments, where is a good place to start?

One of the best questions to consider, even before delving into the vast quantities of attachment sets, is "which types of flooring does the home consist of?"  There are sets of central vacuum accessories that are intended solely for homes with bare floors (i.e. tile, hardwood, granite etc.), and other sets intended for homes containing both bare floors and carpets.  It is imperative to narrow down which surfaces require maintenance prior to inquiry to avoid becoming deluged with the possibilities.

Once the desired attachment set is understood, the next step is determining compatibility with the existing home. The most effective way to begin this process is by examining the current central vacuum hose cuff where it plugs into the wall.  Depending on the way everything was wired during installation, the cuff will either have a seven foot pig tail cord extending from it, or two prongs for direct plug-in. The hose with a pig tail cord is used with central vacuum attachment kits that require an additional 110 volts of electricity to operate motorized components. For use, the cord is plugged into a nearby outlet while the hose plugs into a standard inlet valve. Central vacuum hoses with a two prong plug-in have the additional 110 volts built into them.  When the hose is plugged into the inlet valve, the prongs make contact with the integrated receptacle, powering both the central vacuum unit and the necessary attachments.  The standard size for inlet valves is an outside diameter of 1 1/2 inches.

Central vacuum attachments provide unparalleled reach and cleaning capabilities.  The wide variety of options allow for a level of cleanliness that most conventional vacuum cleaners are incapable of reaching.  Although the selection process may seem arduous and overwhelming, the afformentioned steps can help alleviate the stress.  Electrolux, Beam, Eureka and Honeywell are some of the top recommendations in terms of quality and performance contributing to the continued success of central vacuum systems and accessories.

History of All Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Models

by Matt 22. June 2012 09:10

Take a walk down memory lane, back to the earliest days of the Electrolux Vacuum Family Tree. Though most of us didn't have the pleasure to witness these beautiful machines, the great-grandfathers of modern vacuuming, enter into the realm of the cleaning world for the first time, they made haste in showing the broom-and-dustpan fanatics that suction was the way of the future! When the Model V vacuum was introduced, Calvin Coolidge was the American President and the Roaring Twenties were in full swing! And in each American home, Electrolux vacuums were starting to appear through the front door as the newest addition to the nuclear family, the staple appliance to every wholesome household. As time went on and the vacuum evolved, the Electrolux name remained one of prestige and reliability.



The New Electrolux S-Bag Green

by tyler 2. March 2012 08:30



There are so many bags available for the modern line of Electrolux canister vacuums and with the release of the Electrolux JetMaxx Green comes the Electrolux S-Bag Green, a completely biodegradable vacuum cleaner bag for your Electrolux sweeper. The S-Bag Green offers a 100% natural material that is completely hygienic and enhances your cleaning experience. These resistant bags also offer up to 50% longer life than the leading generic bags for the Electrolux oxygen and harmony canister vacuums. 

The S-Bag green is an innovative dust bag in unbleached biodegradable material. These bags are made from renewable resources and offer exceptional performance in your vacuum and help to reduce your carbon footprint. These new bags from Electrolux also offer maximum suction power with a 15% larger bag capacity that cannot be matched by any other vacuum cleaner bag. 

These new S-Bags are designed to fit all Electrolux Oxygen and Harmony canister vacuums including the JetMaxx, ErgoSpace, UltraSilencer, DeepClean, UltraOne, Maximus and more!

Find the Electrolux S-Bag Green at eVacuumStore today!

Caring for your Electrolux Central Vacuum

by tyler 14. December 2011 11:24

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Electrolux Central Vacuum. You have taken the first steps towards a cleaner home and a convenient cleaning routine. You'll want to take a few easy steps to ensure that your central vacuum cleaner is kept at it's optimal performance level.

Each Electrolux central vacuum unit comes with a lifetime warranty, your unit will last you a lifetime and provide ideal service if you follow these few simple guidelines:


-First of all, your motor bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated. This means that your unit will never require lubrication. Be sure to keep these bearings  sealed. 

-The Motor brushes on your unit should be checked by an authorized Electrolux dealer after every 500 hours of use.

-To clean the outside of your power unit, use a cleab soft cloth. DO NOT: use liquid cleaners or water, an electrical shock may occur.

-Tampering with your power unit or placing anything on top of the power unit can result in the restriction of cooling air to the motor. This will cause the motor to  overheat.

-Do not attempt to pick up anything that will not go through the cleaning tool or the hose end or use your central vacuum system to pick up debris from  construction.

-Do not attach any other cords to the system's electrical power source. Be sure that a properly-sized, protected circuit is used for your unit's electrical requirements.  Your authorized Electrolux dealer can help you with sizing.

-After removing the hose from the inlet, hold the inlet door open for a few seconds to help clear dirt from the vacuum tubing and make sure that the power unit  has been shut off.

-To ensure the maximum suction power and proper cleaning, use only one inlet at a time.

-If service is required, make sure that it is only performed by an authorized Electrolux Dealer.

Filter Maintenance

The Filter in your Electrolux Central Vacuum unit is permanent and self-cleaning. However, if you do decide to clean it, follow these five easy steps:

1. Remove the dirt receptacle

2. Wrap a large plastic trash bag around the lower portion of the power unit, holding it firmly in place.

3. Grasp the sewn-in weight at the bottom of the filter through the bag; Shake vigorously; Dirt will drop into the bag.

4. Carefully remove the plastic bag from the unit. Then empty the dirt receptacle into the bag, as well.

5. Replace the dirt receptavle on the power unit. Remeber, any dirt that spilled can be easily vacuumed by attaching the hose to the utility inlet and activating the     power unit with the manual switch.

Once again, congratulations on the purchase of your new central vacuum cleaner. Making sure to follow all of these simple steps will ensure that your central vacuum remains at it's peak performance!



Electrolux Style Metal Canister

by Matt 23. December 2009 02:46

The Perfect canister is the same body as the classic style Electrolux metal canister. The wide 15" power nozzle is great for pet hair. It also comes with an eletronic circuit breaker, if something is vacuumed up in to the power head such as a sock, the power head will automatically turn off, to prevent the belt from breaking. This machine also comes with the new HEPA filtration bag, which will stop more dust then the standard paper bags that usually come with this machine. This machine has rubber wheels and protection bumpers all around the body to protect floors and furniture.

Soft horse hair combination dusting/upholstery tool.
Air-driven stair tool.
14-inch crevice tool.
12-inch wide soft horse hair bare floor tool.
Telescopic wand

Metal tank construction for durability and long life
15-inch power nozzle with circuit breaker
6-foot hose with 360 swivel handle and power nozzle shut off.
Foot operated on/off switch
Automatic cord rewind
HEPA filter bag
Rubber wheels on canister and protection bumpers all around to protect floors and furniture

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