Fix of the Week: How to Change and Electrolux Control Valve

by Mark 28. August 2014 08:31

First, open the canister.  Visit our blog to learn How to Open an Electrolux Plastic Canister.

Order a new Electrolux Control Valve

Once the Electrolux vacuum rails are off, remove the back cover.

Turn the vacuum upside down so the wheels point towards the ceiling; remove the bottom cover.

Locate one of the three tubes that connect to the control valve.

Disconnect this tube from the control valve by pulling.

Keep track of this tube as it reattaches to the new valve.

Remove the bag chamber to reveal the control valve.

Remove the control valve from the housing.

We recommend using a pair or pliers to pry the tubes off of the old control valve to avoid damage.
Be sure to note where each tube went on the control valve.  If you cross the tubes, you reverse the airflow of the control valve and the vacuum will tell you the bag is full and/or there is an issue.

Keep track of the two tubes you just removed. Its best to remove one tube at a time and then connect it to the new control valve.

Note where the slot is on the control valve housing.

Note where the peg is on the new control valve.

Align the peg on the control valve with the slot in the housing and attach the new valve.  A loud click occurs when it seats properly.

Reattach the tubes and assemble the vacuum back together.

Fix of the Week: How to Change an Electrolux Plastic Canister Cordwinder

by Mark 21. August 2014 08:44

Start by assembling the vacuum, the new cordwinder, a putty knife, and a rubber hammer or mallet.

First, open the bag door of the vacuum.

Turn the vacuum on its side and locate the rubber coated bumpers.  Place the putty knife between the bumper and the hard plastic of the canister.

Next, tap the butt end of the putty knife with your mallet to move the bumper down the rail.

Once you have both bumpers off, remove the back cover and you can now open the canister in a clam shell fashion.

Turn the vacuum upside down for easy access.

Locate the old cordwinder at the back of the canister vacuum.

Take note of the contacts.  Here is a shot of the first contact.

This is the second.

Remove the cordwinder from the old contacts; view below for visual demonstration.

Remove the old cordwinder and be sure to guide the plug through the opening.

Once the old cordwinder is out of the plastic canister vacuum, insert the new Electrolux cordwinder in its place and reconnect the contacts.  Put the top and bottom halves of the canister back together.  Replace the back cover.  Guide the bumpers along the rails.  Once finished, plug the new cord into an outlet and watch as the vacuum springs to life again.

If you have any questions, view our blog post on How to Replace an Electrolux Cordwinder.  You can also call our toll free number (866)-972-8227 to speak with a live associate to help you with technical troubleshooting. Presents the Electrolux Preferred Line

by Mark 16. April 2014 12:10 is the exclusive authorized online retailer of the Electrolux Preferred Line canister vacuums including the EL7070 UltraOne and the EL7066 UltraSilencer Delux.  Both genuine Electrolux vacuums have premier attachments for an easier cleaning experience.  Both vacuums also use high quality S-level filtration bags as well as HEPA filters providing 99.97% efficiency against particles down to .03 microns.

The UltraOne and UltraSilencer share many similarities as the top two Electrolux canister vacuums including: ergonomic handles, crushproof hoses, and a superior power nozzle.  Users control the suction level on the handle as well as turning the brush roll on and off.  The UltraOne features an automatic suction setting that caters to the surface in question.  The machines use the same power nozzle which comes with height adjustment.  If you own an Oriental rug or thick pile carpet, then you need a power nozzle with height adjustment.

For hardwood floors or bare surfaces (tile, laminate, etc), the vacuums come with a hardwood floor brush.  This attachment has soft bristles to never scratch or damage hardwood floors, but rather to sweep up dust and dirt lying in the cracks wearing away slowly at the surface dulling its shine and vibrancy.

While you clean, you never need to worry about disturbing anyone in your home.  As the name implies, the UltraSilencer is one of the quietest machines available today operating at under 67 decibels.  This low volume allows users to run the machine while others sleep.   The UltraOne, although slightly louder, runs at roughly 72 decibels which is still silent enough to vacuum while people sleep or rest.

The UltraOne boasts two features over the UltaSilencer.  The design in which the hose enters the canister optimizes airflow; the debris enters the canister horizontally providing unmatched suction power as opposed to dust entering at an angle seen in the UltraSilencer.  The UltraOne also has a larger dust capacity requiring a long lasting S-class bag reducing the number of replacements necessary to continue running. stands as an exclusive online retailer of the Electrolux vacuums in the Preferred Line.  These superior machines make cleaning worries a matter of the past and keep a hopeful future possible with seven (7) year warranties.  To help determine which vacuum suits your needs, call the Electrolux experts at today at 866-972-8227 and find your way to the ideal canister. Exclusive Electrolux Vacuum: UltraCaptic

by Mark 15. April 2014 10:15

Today, many bagless canister vacuums lack at least one of several points: it lacks suction; the parts easily break; the dust flies everywhere during the emptying process; the belts always snap; it’s basically disposable.  Electrolux questioned users about what they did not like in bagless models and designed the UltraCaptic to answers their concerns.

The UltraCaptic features a premium power head with motorized brush roll, multiple height settings and a brushroll on/off switch built in to the unit.  This allows the user to raise or lower the power head to fit their carpet height(s) maximizing agitation and airflow to remove embedded dirt, sand, and particles that otherwise shred and destroy fibers.  The brush roll off switch easily transitions the power head from carpeting or rugs to hardwood/bare surfaces without the fear of damaging or marring the floors.

The Compact-and-Go dust cup revolutionizes bagless cyclonic technology by means of 10 separate turbines spinning in conjunction with each other efficiently removing the large clumps of dirt from your carpet.  The turbines also separate the ultra-fine particles down to .03 microns into a HEPA filtration system.  Once filled, simply lift the handle and the unique and innovative dust cup compresses the dirt into a pancake.  Bring this over your trash, press a button and slide the receptacle bottom open in one motion and the cake drops.  This design means that less dirt stays stuck on the walls of the receptacle and debris does not fly off into the air like other bagless models.

The UltraCaptic also comes with a swiveling hardwood floor brush, a deluxe rug and floor tool, and a premium 3-in-1 transformative tool.  The 3-in-1 switches from dusting brush to crevice tool to upholstery tool and back in three easy movements.  Open the crevice tool to make it upholstery, close it again and place the narrow nose into the hose to use the opposite side’s dusting brush.  The rug and floor tool switches between bare floors and area rugs with a foot’s tap while the hardwood brush’s soft bristles unsettle dirt in the cracks of your bare surfaces.  View the Electrolux Bagless Canister Vacuum.

The New Electrolux S-Bag Green

by tyler 2. March 2012 08:30



There are so many bags available for the modern line of Electrolux canister vacuums and with the release of the Electrolux JetMaxx Green comes the Electrolux S-Bag Green, a completely biodegradable vacuum cleaner bag for your Electrolux sweeper. The S-Bag Green offers a 100% natural material that is completely hygienic and enhances your cleaning experience. These resistant bags also offer up to 50% longer life than the leading generic bags for the Electrolux oxygen and harmony canister vacuums. 

The S-Bag green is an innovative dust bag in unbleached biodegradable material. These bags are made from renewable resources and offer exceptional performance in your vacuum and help to reduce your carbon footprint. These new bags from Electrolux also offer maximum suction power with a 15% larger bag capacity that cannot be matched by any other vacuum cleaner bag. 

These new S-Bags are designed to fit all Electrolux Oxygen and Harmony canister vacuums including the JetMaxx, ErgoSpace, UltraSilencer, DeepClean, UltraOne, Maximus and more!

Find the Electrolux S-Bag Green at eVacuumStore today!

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