Cleaning Your Window Air Conditioner

by Matt 22. June 2012 07:37

Preparing to use your air conditioner and filter for the first time this year requires periodic maintenance. Keep the AC in top condition and know that your AC can provide an environment for mold and mildew growth if no maintenance is performed.   Outside dirt and debris can accumulate inside the unit, which will affect the performance of your AC.  For maintenance tips and instructions refer to your owner’s manual.  Follow guidelines that the manufactures provides.  Preventive measures can cut down on allergies, energy,  repair costs, and help keep your AC running smoothly.

Some basic routine cleaning tips: 

Turn off the electricity to the air conditioner

Remove AC from window

Have a stand or table to check the air conditioner, preferably in garage or outside area

Use a vacuum crevice tool and brush to clean the dirt and dust from internal components

Use compressed air to thoroughly clean

Replace or clean filters, some filters are washable with soap and water, others are disposable 

Running an HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Air Purifier in your home in front of your AC will minimize airborne mold and allergens, and ensure that the air you breathe is healthy.  The purpose of the HEPA air Purifier is to remove irritants such as mold, dust and bacteria that trigger allergies and eliminate volatile organic compounds that affect general health.  Although there is HEPA air conditioner for windows this may be the best alternative.  


Blueair Medical Pro Air Purifier with VOC Filter

by Matt 23. December 2009 02:31

The Blueair MD Professional air purifier offers commercial quality, reliability, performance and cleaning power for residential and commercial use. Featuring a long-life, high-efficiency motor and galvanized steel housing, these air purifiers are built to last. Whether purchasing a single unit for your home or hundreds of units for your facility, the Blueair MD Professional provides maximum control of airborne contaminants and serves as an effective and reliable complement to your existing ventilation system.

Certified Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association, the CADR is independently measured by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers to enable consumers to compare air purifiers with regard to performance in eliminating tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. The Blueair MD Professional has among the highest ratings to date.

Better Airflow
Thanks to its large grille, the unit cleans the air easily. The Blueair MD Professional has an airflow inlet and outlet that are much larger than other air purifiers in its class. This means the unit produces virtually no noticeable draft, while providing an exceptional air exchange rate.

Silent Operation
Blueair air purifiers are the quietest air purifiers available. So quiet that a blue light-emitting diode was incorporated into the design to let you know that they're working. At high speed, the sound level is just 63.5 dBA and at low speed a mere 38 dBA, which is equivalent to a very quiet desktop computer.

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