Introducing The New Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners

by Matt 9. October 2012 10:56

Miele has always been known for providing the vacuum cleaner market with high quality, aesthetically favorable, and enviably powerful machines ideal for their users to use for cleaning every room in their homes. Released in series rather than as individual models, every Miele vacuum is a member of one of their unique and signature generational vacuum lines, each line offering a number of features and operational capabilities that together set them apart from the other series. The Miele S8 series, highly anticipated preceding its release as a revolutionary family of brand new canister vacuum cleaners, is no exception; the features, capabilities, durability, efficiency, convenience, and style set the Miele S8 series far apart from not only canister vacuums from other companies, but from other vacuums by Miele themselves.

The Miele S8 Canister Vacuum Cleaner series consists of the Calima, Alize, HomeCare, Kona, Marin, and UniQ models, each with their own unique features in addition to the overarching characteristics that make the Miele s8 vacuum series stand out against the rest of the world’s vacuums. The AirClean System HEPA Filtration keeps the engine free and clear of unwanted dust and particle buildup, allowing for a longer-lasting machine, in addition to keeping the air in your home cleaner by filtering out allergens and microns that can upset the respiratory system, especially in asthma and allergy sufferers. Because Miele focuses on the individuals who will use their machines instead of treating their products as automatons, the engineers and inventors of Miele vacuums decided that a major element of comfortable cleaning was a reduction in noisiness; to implement this revelation, Miele included in the s8 series fundamental design an encased motor, enhanced sound insulation, and DynamicDrive Casters, all intended to decrease noise pollution from the powerful vacuums. The automatic rewind power cords are now three feet longer on the S8 series, the bumper has been improved, and the trim is chrome metal. As if Miele is physically incapable of missing any detail, the s8 Canister Vacuum Cleaner series is simply more evidence to defend their meticulous and diligent approach to designing and manufacturing vacuum cleaners.

Two of the Miele S8 Series Canister Vacuums will be available for internet sales, the Alize and the UniQ. The Alize, model s8590, offers all of the universal features and characteristics that come standard with the S8 series canister vacuums, along with a number of attributes that make the Alize unlike the other S8 vacuums. The Alize boasts a 1200 Watt Vortex Motor that, in spite of its immense power, runs almost silently thanks to the noise reduction technology included in all the s8 series. A sealed suction path, powered by the motor, puts the high quality filtration to use and optimizes the AirTeQ combination floor tool, complementing its ability to switch from the carpet setting to hardwood floor effortlessly. Handy indicator lights are included to alert the user when a new filter should be installed, and on-board tool storage adds to the convenience of owning this gem from the Miele s8 series.

The UniQ, model s8990, brings out all the big guns for the S8 series, featuring a truly “unique” and stylish underlight system, illuminating the belly of the vacuum and floor over which the canister rolls. With its immense SEB 236 Powerhead, awesome suction is only the beginning of its incredible cleaning capacity, and all the typical S8 series elements such as the HEPA Filtration, extended power cord and augmented cleaning radius, and noise reduction come with the UniQ as well. And, as if the vacuum couldn’t possess any more special attributes, the UniQ comes with a ten year warranty as opposed to the other S8 series vacuums’ seven year.

Miele s7580 Autoeco

by Matt 8. October 2012 03:55


Miele Autoecho

The sleek designs, symbolic names from Greek myths and astrology, and innovative aesthetics are merely the surface of the wonders contained in a Miele upright vacuum model. Where consumerism has pushed most manufacturers into mass-producing cheap, temporarily effective vacuums that look more like toys than machines, Miele has refused to stray from their path of constructing the finest residential cleaning devices known to man.
Miele’s catalog of vacuum cleaners includes a wide, varying spectrum of machines ranging in shape and size, and while no one Miele vacuum or vacuum series trumps all others in every category, there are certainly the choice machines for particular households, individuals, or uses. When it comes to combining comfort, convenience, efficiency, compactness, and versatility all in one solid machine, the Miele s7 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Series takes the cake. 

Rather than focus on the just rugs, tiles, and other home surfaces, Miele has always recognized that the vacuum should not serve the hardwood floors and carpets but rather should aim to compliment the living owner of the house and the vacuum, and the user of the vacuum’s features. Thanks to this perspective, Miele Upright Vacuums such as the s7580 Autoeco was designed to meet the vacuum user’s every need, allowing for convenient and comfortable operation without losing any efficiency or power. Right off the bat, the multiple filters featured in the Autoeco keep the air clean, trapping and eliminating from the air particles, allergens, dust mites, dust, and microns with the pre-motor filter and HEPA filter installed and active.

The efficiency and power of the Miele s7580 Autoeco can be evidenced by the 1200 Watt Vortex motor produced by Miele themselves, controlled by six variable power settings. The brushroll motor itself boasts a whopping 4800 RPM measurement. Offering a number of accessories and attachments that fit snugly into the back of the vacuum, the Miele s7580 has yet to encounter an obstacle that it cannot tackle. The extension wand allows for vacuum users to reach and clean the hardest-to-reach corners of every room, and even the ceiling! The entire body of the Miele s7580 works together to handle any mess in any room on any type of floor, featuring a swiveling neck, a flexible body that can lay all the way back, and


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