J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuum Cleaners

by Zack 6. January 2014 07:00

If you are the proprietor of a car wash, or any other related business such as car dealership, car rental store or detail shop, then a J.E. Adams commercial vacuum will prove to be the ideal addition.  The common misconception with this style of vacuum cleaner is that it is only suited for car washes.  However, there are so many different versions of these vacuum cleaners that they are suitable for both industrial use as well as consumer use, whether the service is offered free of charge, or for a nominal fee.

J.E. Adams commercial vacuum cleaners are some of the most customizable vacuums of any style that are currently available.  Depending on which model is chosen is where the difference in features are found.  There are models that are available that have a digital display and some that don't.  There are even some models that come with or without a coin box on board.  For those models without a coin box, they are either a standard style with an on/off switch that do not require money to be inserted or they are vault ready.  Vault ready vacuums are designed in a way to allow a coin vault to be either cemented or bricked below the vacuum unit.  This provides maximum security for the money that is inserted into the vacuum over time.

These car wash vacuum cleaners are generally divided into two categories; standard units and combination units.  Standard units have one primary function, and that is to vacuum.  Standard units can come with a variety of features depending on the model, including bill validators, coin acceptors, a digital display, being vault ready and having either a lighted dome or stainless steel dome.  Combination units combine the vacuum function with one or more other primary functions.  The most commonly used functions include shampooer, spot remover, tire shine, air machine, water machine, turbo air dryer and fragrance.  In some cases a J.E. Adams vacuum can come with numerous functions which provides for the most versatile use for both business owners as well as their clientele.  Similar to the standard units, the combination J.E. Adams commercial vacuums can also come with features such as digital display, bill validators and coin acceptors.  Features that do not come standard with a vacuum can be added on at the buyers request which is one of the most useful aspects of the J.E. Adams company and their high-powered machines.

Electrolux EL6988E Oxygen Canister Vacuum

by Bob 23. December 2009 01:52


Asthma and allergies are two good reasons why the Oxygen Ultra has a high quality HEPA H13 filter to capture dust and allergens in the air.The unique power head system has a separate motor that drives it, giving Oxygen Ultra maximum cleaning performance. Oxygen Ultra has a durable brush roll and long-life belt to extend the life of the vacuum and leave you with deep cleaned carpets.

With the help of the Electrolux Oxygen Ultra's controls on the handle cleaning has never been easier. Height adjustment and variable speed controls allow you even greater ease when moving between carpet and hard floor surfaces. Premium accessories like the hard floor tool, turbo nozzle for cleaning stairs and rugs, power head for cleaning carpets, and on-board tools for above-the-floor cleaning provide all the options for specialized cleaning. The Electrolux Oxygen Ultra can clean almost anything so home can be a haven for a healthy life.

Maintaining your vacuum can be simple. Oxygen Ultra has an electronic filter indicator that shows you when it's time to rinse your filter and an electronic bag change indicator that lets you know that it is time to replace your bag. No other canister is easier to maintain than the Oxygen Ultra.

There is also a EL6988E deluxe package available, which includes hand held power nozzle, similar to the Side Kick.

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