Locating the Model Number on an Electrolux Vacuum

by Zack 12. November 2014 11:20

There are countless Electrolux models of all styles, ranging from canisters and uprights, to stick vacuums and central vacuums.  Over time, service may be needed, and new vacuum parts may be required.  In order to properly approach either of these topics, locating the model number is a crucial first step.

On Electrolux Upright Vacuums:
The model number for Electrolux Uprights is most commonly located on the back of the handle or on the bottom of the machine.  Older upright models generally start with the letter "U," followed by three numbers, while newer uprights start with the letters "EL," followed by up to four numbers.

On Electrolux Stick Vacuums:
There are a wide variety of stick vacuum cleaners from this brand, the majority of which have a 2-in-1 function which includes a removable hand vacuum.  The model number for these machines can be found on the back of the handheld portion, and will start with the letters "EL."

On Older Electrolux Canister Vacuums (long body style):
Locating the model number on plastic and metal tank-style Electrolux vacuums is very straightforward.  Simply open up the area where you normally replace the bags and look on the inside of the door itself.  The model number should be listed directly on it, and is most commonly four digits long.  However, on much older machines, the model number may be a single letter located on the bag door hinge; for example, model E, AE, S AF, R, G and L.  Another thing to look out for on older metal machines is a rubber gasket.  Sometimes this piece can obstruct the model number.  If you find you're unable to locate the model number, just move the rubber gasket out of the way, and it should be right beneath it.  On the tank-style plastic machines, there are commonly model names and series names, such as the 6500SR, which can also prove helpful when searching for compatible parts.

On Newer Electrolux Canister Vacuums (compact body style):
The model number for the newer, compact machines is located on the belly of the canister.  This number should start with the letters "EL" and have four digits that follow.  In addition to the model number, there is also a type letter, which is important to have when looking for parts, because some components can be model AND type specific.

On Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems:
Owners of an Electrolux central vacuum will find the model number located on the side of the canister.  Sometimes this number can be difficult to locate depending on the angle in which the unit was installed, but the side is most commonly where it can be found.  In some cases, knowing the model name of the unit can be helpful as well; an example would be the Afeura, or the QuietClean.  Some of the most common Electrolux central vacuum model numbers are 1580, 1590, E130 (with a letter after it), PU3650 and PU3900.  When it comes to central vacuums, it is also crucial to know the model number of the powerhead.  The powerhead is the attachment used to clean carpets, and the model number can be found on the bottom of it.  Locating the model number of the powerhead is important because it provides information on the type of hose and attachments currently being used with a central vacuum system.  The model of the system itself does not always directly correlate to the attachments, but the model of the power nozzle does.

On Electrolux Power Nozzles:
The model number of Electrolux power nozzles is located on the bottom of the attachment.  Older style Electrolux vacuums commonly had model numbers starting with the letters "PN" followed by a number from one to seven, however there are exceptions such as models N137 and N106, which vary in style.  Newer style power nozzles commonly start with the letters "EL," with popular models including EL5A, EL7A and EL12A.  Knowing the model of the powerhead is vital for locating component parts, and is essential for central vacuum owners, as mentioned above.

Choosing the Right Central Vacuum Attachment Kit for Your Home

by Zack 24. February 2014 09:43

At first it seems overwhelming to choose the most suitable central vacuum accessories for a home.  One should become familiar with several subjects before committing to any particular kit to ensure compatibility and performance. However, besides the overall performance of central vacuum attachments, where is a good place to start?

One of the best questions to consider, even before delving into the vast quantities of attachment sets, is "which types of flooring does the home consist of?"  There are sets of central vacuum accessories that are intended solely for homes with bare floors (i.e. tile, hardwood, granite etc.), and other sets intended for homes containing both bare floors and carpets.  It is imperative to narrow down which surfaces require maintenance prior to inquiry to avoid becoming deluged with the possibilities.

Once the desired attachment set is understood, the next step is determining compatibility with the existing home. The most effective way to begin this process is by examining the current central vacuum hose cuff where it plugs into the wall.  Depending on the way everything was wired during installation, the cuff will either have a seven foot pig tail cord extending from it, or two prongs for direct plug-in. The hose with a pig tail cord is used with central vacuum attachment kits that require an additional 110 volts of electricity to operate motorized components. For use, the cord is plugged into a nearby outlet while the hose plugs into a standard inlet valve. Central vacuum hoses with a two prong plug-in have the additional 110 volts built into them.  When the hose is plugged into the inlet valve, the prongs make contact with the integrated receptacle, powering both the central vacuum unit and the necessary attachments.  The standard size for inlet valves is an outside diameter of 1 1/2 inches.

Central vacuum attachments provide unparalleled reach and cleaning capabilities.  The wide variety of options allow for a level of cleanliness that most conventional vacuum cleaners are incapable of reaching.  Although the selection process may seem arduous and overwhelming, the afformentioned steps can help alleviate the stress.  Electrolux, Beam, Eureka and Honeywell are some of the top recommendations in terms of quality and performance contributing to the continued success of central vacuum systems and accessories.

J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuum Cleaners

by Zack 6. January 2014 07:00

If you are the proprietor of a car wash, or any other related business such as car dealership, car rental store or detail shop, then a J.E. Adams commercial vacuum will prove to be the ideal addition.  The common misconception with this style of vacuum cleaner is that it is only suited for car washes.  However, there are so many different versions of these vacuum cleaners that they are suitable for both industrial use as well as consumer use, whether the service is offered free of charge, or for a nominal fee.

J.E. Adams commercial vacuum cleaners are some of the most customizable vacuums of any style that are currently available.  Depending on which model is chosen is where the difference in features are found.  There are models that are available that have a digital display and some that don't.  There are even some models that come with or without a coin box on board.  For those models without a coin box, they are either a standard style with an on/off switch that do not require money to be inserted or they are vault ready.  Vault ready vacuums are designed in a way to allow a coin vault to be either cemented or bricked below the vacuum unit.  This provides maximum security for the money that is inserted into the vacuum over time.

These car wash vacuum cleaners are generally divided into two categories; standard units and combination units.  Standard units have one primary function, and that is to vacuum.  Standard units can come with a variety of features depending on the model, including bill validators, coin acceptors, a digital display, being vault ready and having either a lighted dome or stainless steel dome.  Combination units combine the vacuum function with one or more other primary functions.  The most commonly used functions include shampooer, spot remover, tire shine, air machine, water machine, turbo air dryer and fragrance.  In some cases a J.E. Adams vacuum can come with numerous functions which provides for the most versatile use for both business owners as well as their clientele.  Similar to the standard units, the combination J.E. Adams commercial vacuums can also come with features such as digital display, bill validators and coin acceptors.  Features that do not come standard with a vacuum can be added on at the buyers request which is one of the most useful aspects of the J.E. Adams company and their high-powered machines.

German Vacuum Cleaner Brands

by Zack 7. December 2013 09:04

When it comes to the quality of a vacuum cleaner, many consumers begin their search by looking into the product's country of origin.  After research has been properly conducted, it is highly likely that two of the brands remaining will be Miele and SEBO.  Each of these brands are German manufactured and pride themselves in offering quality vacuum cleaners and replacement parts to new and existing customers.  When it comes to German vacuum cleaner brands, SEBO and Miele tend to be the most well known and allow for their products to speak for themselves.  Wessel-Werk is another vacuum brand that is manufactured in Germany which also has gained much notoriety in the industry.  Their high quality attachments and power nozzles offer the optimal performance from the vacuums they are used on.

SEBO was founded in 1978 by a group of engineers who sought to make a vacuum that was not only efficient and high performing for the consumer, but also convenient.  This German vacuum brand was the first vacuum manufacturer to offer many features that should not be taken for granted when considering a new vacuum for your home or business.   Some of these features include an integrated hose and wand on their upright vacuums, as well as a clutch protection which prevents damage to the brushroll and motor if something happens to become lodged in the vacuum head.  Other features of the SEBO vacuum cleaners include electrostatic microfilters, S-class filtration and a soft bumper around the canister vacuums which helps to prevent damage to furniture and walls.

Miele was founded in 1899 and has since worked to become one of the most common household names that is synonymous with quality products.  They began producing vacuum cleaners in 1927 and the rest was history.  Miele currently has ten active factories in Germany where the majority of the workforce is involved with industrial engineering and production.  Miele vacuum cleaners commonly come with HEPA filtration which is highly recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers, and come standard with a 1200 Watt Miele Vortex motor.  Their one-of-a-kind German manufactured motor powers their vacuum cleaners which are some of the most versatile machines available today.  Miele canister vacuums and upright vacuums are great for all surfaces.

German vacuum brands take pride in their engineering and the quality of the product whereas other brands, that are primarily manufactured in parts of Asia, focus more on quantity over quality.  While SEBO and Miele tend to be in the spotlight in terms of the German vacuum manufacturers, other high quality brands such as Wessel-Werk and Vorwerk are also made in Germany, and also have great engineering credentials.  When looking for a new vacuum cleaner, make sure to make an informed decision and consider the engineering that goes into the product before you pull the trigger on something you may regret down the road.

Vacuum Cleaner Certifications and Seals of Approval

by Zack 12. June 2013 02:12

Miele Vacuums awarded the Good Housekeeping Award for multiple years, many available at eVacuumStore.com!

Ever wondered what those small images on the side of your vacuum box meant?  We've all noticed them in passing, those oval-shaped bubbles with words we don't care to investigate.  Luckily for you, we're here to tell you exactly what the seal on your vacuum box means.  Since 1909, Good Housekeeping magazine has been evaluating and rating apppliances and items in order to guarantee the consumer is receiving the best product possible.

In terms of vacuums, Good Housekeeping looks for durability and a high cleaning performance when stamping their seal of approval.  One brand that is consistently approved with the Good Housekeeping Seal is Miele.  Not only does Miele vacuums manufacture a durable product, but it is also top of the line in terms of filtration and suction control.

But what does this seal do?  Well, Good Housekeeping believes in each of its approved products so much, that it guarantees a two-year limited warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer, such as ourselves.  If a part is defective, Good Housekeeping will replace or repair the part or refund the purchase price.

Here is a list of Miele Vacuums to which the Good Housekeeping seal applies:

Canister Vacuums Upright Vacuums
S2121 Olympus S7210 Twist
S2121 Capri S7260 Cat&Dog
S2181 Titan S7280 Jazz
S2121 Delphi S7580 Swing
S8590 Alize S7580 AutoEco
S8380 Cat & Dog
S8990 UniQ  
S8590 Marin  
S8390 Kona  
S6270 Onyx  
S6270 Quartz  
S8390 Calima  
S6270 Topaz  


J.D. Power and Associates review and rate vacuum cleaners like the Miele Upright and Miele Canister Vacuums, available at eVacuumStore.com!Another seal you might find on your vacuum box is one by J.D. Power & Associates.  Known for their consumer ratings and awards, J.D. Power & Associates rates everything from cars to healthcare plans.  The company was founded in 1968 as a way to control product quality and review buyer behavior.  According to consumer customer satisfaction surveys, Miele has rated the highest in customer satisfaction in uprights for two years in a row and canisters for one year.

With both seals, you can be guaranteed that you're purchasing a vacuum of impeccable quality and a terrific track record across business and consumer reports. With J.D. & Associates' high-standing reputation and Good Housekeeping's two-year limited warranty, there'll be no need to worry about how your vacuum will fair after a few months of cleaning.

Carpet and Rug Institute CRI Seal of Approval awarded to many of the vacuum cleaners sold at eVacuumStore.com! Only with HEPA Filtration can you expect the highest quality air purification from a vacuum cleaner! Many sold at eVacuumStore.com!

Other certifications and seals of approval include HEPA Filtration (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration), a certification applied to vacuum cleaner filters that are among the highest-rated in the industry, the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Green Label Seal of Approval, a certification awarded to vacuum cleaners tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute and measuring highly in the categories of Soil Removal, Dust Containment, and Carpet Appearance Retention.

***For more information on any of these seals and certifications, please call our customer service department at 1-866-972-8227.


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