Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner

by tyler 11. May 2012 07:32


Regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaning can be extremely helpful in extending its useable life. There are many easy steps to take to maintain your vacuum at optimal performance, none of which involve bringing your machine to a repair man for expensive servicing. Whether you have a canister, upright or even a stick vacuum, taking care of your cleaner is the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future. Yearly maintenance of your vacuum does not have to be expensive or even difficult though, simply replacing the belt and filter in your machine can be extremely helpful in the long run. 


Locating and replacing your vacuum cleaner belt:


The belt is located in various places on different vacuum cleaners. On a canister vacuum, the belt will be located in the power nozzle. To access the belt, you'll need to either unscrew the bottom or top of the base of the vacuum, depending on your machine. From there you will locate the belt and swap it out using leverage from the brushroll to pull the belt into place.  On an upright vacuum, the belt will be located at the base of the vacuum. Once again, you'll have to unscrew either the top or bottom of the base, depending on the make and model of your vacuum cleaner. 


Locating and replacing the filter in your vacuum:

There are so many different makes and models of vacuum cleaners and the filter can be located in different places for each one. The filter in your vacuum cleaner can also have quite a few different looks and shapes. Most Eureka filters will be cylindrical with pleated filter media while Miele filters are usually rectangular with a plastic casing. To locate the filter in your vacuum, find where air is exhausted. For instance, an Electrolux Versatility's motor exhausts on the front of the vacuum, just above the base. Because of this, the HEPA filter is placed right in front of the motor exhaust to prevent particles from being released back into the air of your home. 

In order to ensure that you replace your filter with the correct new filter, locate the model number before contacting a sales representative. 

Finding the correct model number of your vacuum will ensure that you always buy the correct replacement parts which will eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of returns. Replacing belts and filters regularly will also ensure that your vacuum cleaner is always running at peak performance to ensure a clean and healthy home.




How Often Should HEPA Filters Be Replaced?

by tyler 12. April 2012 10:41

With recent updates in cleaning products, the use of a HEPA filter has increased dramatically. These filters can be found in several places in your vacuum cleaner(like the dust cup if it's bagless, outside of the motor exhaust and other various places) in an air purifier and in many other household appliances. But how often should this filter be changed?

While the answer varies by different filters, I usually recommend every 6 months. The reason for this is that particles build up in the filter and at a certain point, the filter will no longer be efficient. In fact, if you fail to replace the HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner, it can actually cause a loss in suction or an increase in allergies or asthma due to particles being exhausted into the air. If you use a bagless vacuum cleaner, you'll need to pay more attention to the filter. While the advantage of not having to replace bags is great, bagless vacuums tend to be a lot less efficient in filtration than bagged machines. Harmful particles can easily escape back into the air from these machines due to a lack of sealed filtration.

If you use a bagless vacuum like a Dyson ball or Eureka AirSpeed, you'll want to replace the filter every 3-6 months as needed. Some filters offered in these machines will be washable. If this is the case, make sure to wash the filter as often as a normal filter would be replaced in order to avoid dirt buildup. 

HEPA filtration is a great advantage used in modern vacuum cleaners because it removes harmful particles from the air that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. However this filtration method is only effective if maintained properly. Taking good care of your vacuum and performing routine maintainence will ensure a clean and healthy home.




The New Electrolux S-Bag Green

by tyler 2. March 2012 08:30



There are so many bags available for the modern line of Electrolux canister vacuums and with the release of the Electrolux JetMaxx Green comes the Electrolux S-Bag Green, a completely biodegradable vacuum cleaner bag for your Electrolux sweeper. The S-Bag Green offers a 100% natural material that is completely hygienic and enhances your cleaning experience. These resistant bags also offer up to 50% longer life than the leading generic bags for the Electrolux oxygen and harmony canister vacuums. 

The S-Bag green is an innovative dust bag in unbleached biodegradable material. These bags are made from renewable resources and offer exceptional performance in your vacuum and help to reduce your carbon footprint. These new bags from Electrolux also offer maximum suction power with a 15% larger bag capacity that cannot be matched by any other vacuum cleaner bag. 

These new S-Bags are designed to fit all Electrolux Oxygen and Harmony canister vacuums including the JetMaxx, ErgoSpace, UltraSilencer, DeepClean, UltraOne, Maximus and more!

Find the Electrolux S-Bag Green at eVacuumStore today!

Choosing Bags for Your New Electrolux Canister Vacuum

by tyler 20. February 2012 03:48
In the past few years, the design of the Electrolux canister vacuum has changed. Straying away from the original bullet shape, Electrolux's new canister vacuum cleaners have taken a more egg-shaped style. With these newly designed vacuum cleaners comes a new style of vacuum cleaner bags called the S-Bag. 

The new canister vacuum cleaners by Electrolux offer many new features that were not used in the older models. The Electrolux JetMaxx offers washable HEPA filtration with an automatic height adjustment on it's powerful Solaire power head. These new vacuum cleaners are also much quieter and more efficient than the older models. Most of these vacuums offer some of the distinct advantages of the old plastic and metal canister vacuums such as the 12-amp motor and automatic cord rewind.

The modern Electrolux canister vacuum is very versatile. Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma, have pets in the home, or just require a quality bag with high filtration efficiency, there is a unique vacuum cleaner bag designed for your needs. For a more standard, quality bag, use the S-Bag classic. This bag uses a 3-layer filtration system that is 90% efficient in removing dust and allergens. Another standard bag for your machine is the S-bag synthetic. This bag also offers a 3-layer filtration system in a bag that is less apt to rip or tear.


For more distinct needs there are specially designed bags for your vacuum. These include the S-Bag Clinic for allergies and asthma and the S-Bag Anti-Odour bags for users with pets in the home. The S-Bag clinic offers the highest filtration efficiency available in any vacuum cleaner bag at 99%. This filtration removes dust, dirt and allergens from the exhaust of your vacuum cleaner and traps them, keeping them from reentering the air of your home. Electrolux also offers the anti-odour bags that are effective in ridding your home of odors from pets as well as pet allergens and dander.

Each of these bags have their own distinct advantages. To determine which vacuum cleaner bags are right for you, I recommend buying the S-Bag Sampler pack which includes a package of each of these types of bags(a total of 17 bags). This is the best way to find out exactly which bags work best for your unique cleaning needs. If you have any more questions please contact our customer support team. 


The Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

by tyler 14. February 2012 03:24

You run a tight ship in your home; Perhaps you even vacuum daily, thats great. But if you're still using an upright or canister vacuum, your cleaning may not be as thorough as you think. Upright and canister vacuums can be great for many instances of cleaning, and they are usually affordable, but most upright vacuums will actually move dust and dirt around instead of picking it up. This can aggravate allergies and asthma, releasing millions of tiny particles into the air of your home. When you use a central vacuum system, the dust and dirt is transferred from your power nozzle to the central vacuum unit mounted in the garage or basement of your home. You can even mount a central vacuum outside of your home for increased filtration.

Because HEPA filtration only removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, rather than 100%, central vacuum units mounted outside of your home are actually even more efficient than HEPA filtration in removing harmful particles from the air. While the health benefits of installing one of these systems are great, they aren't the only reason to install a built in vacuum. Using a whole house vacuum is fiscally responsible. These powerful systems will save you thousands of dollars in costs for supplies for your canister or upright vacuum. Most power units don't require the use of a bag and only need to be emptied once or twice a year. 

When using a portable vacuum cleaner, there are many hidden costs that you don't take into account. If your machine is bagged, you'll need to change the bag once every 2-3 months and even if you use a bagless machine you'll need to change the filter every 6 months which can be quite expensive. In contrast, most central vacuum systems offer self-cleaning filters that never need to be changed. Installing a central vacuum cleaner in your home can also increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. While these systems can initially be expensive, they are built to last from 20-30 years whereas a quality portable vacuum will only last you five to ten years. 

What it really comes down to is the fact that central vacs are more powerful, efficient and easy to use than a portable vacuum cleaner. Instead of carrying a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs and from room to room, you'll plug in a hose to an inlet in your wall that connects to the power unit. To find out more about installing a central vacuum system, visit our online store.


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