Fix of the Week: How to Change Electrolux an Epic Power Nozzle Elbow

by Mark 1. August 2014 05:46

1) To begin, turn the power nozzle over and remove the six (6) screws.

2) Lift off the power nozzle top cover.

3) Remove the light bulb from the housing and subsequently the housing itself.

4) Remove the second inner cover.

5) Trace the wires from the old elbow to the motor and reset circuit breaker.

6) Remove the leads from these two locations.

7) Remove the old elbow and discard.

8) Seat new elbow.

9) Attach new wire leads to the motor and reset circuit breaker.

10) Place new light bulb housing in appropriate location on the inner cover.

11) Screw in light bulb.

12) Replace inner cover.

13) Replace top cover.

14) Replace the six (6) screws.



Enjoy that you just saved money on repair bills.

If you have any questions on other Electrolux vacuum parts, visit our page, or call (866)-972-8227 to speak with a live technician.

Choosing the Right Central Vacuum Attachment Kit for Your Home

by Zack 24. February 2014 09:43

At first it seems overwhelming to choose the most suitable central vacuum accessories for a home.  One should become familiar with several subjects before committing to any particular kit to ensure compatibility and performance. However, besides the overall performance of central vacuum attachments, where is a good place to start?

One of the best questions to consider, even before delving into the vast quantities of attachment sets, is "which types of flooring does the home consist of?"  There are sets of central vacuum accessories that are intended solely for homes with bare floors (i.e. tile, hardwood, granite etc.), and other sets intended for homes containing both bare floors and carpets.  It is imperative to narrow down which surfaces require maintenance prior to inquiry to avoid becoming deluged with the possibilities.

Once the desired attachment set is understood, the next step is determining compatibility with the existing home. The most effective way to begin this process is by examining the current central vacuum hose cuff where it plugs into the wall.  Depending on the way everything was wired during installation, the cuff will either have a seven foot pig tail cord extending from it, or two prongs for direct plug-in. The hose with a pig tail cord is used with central vacuum attachment kits that require an additional 110 volts of electricity to operate motorized components. For use, the cord is plugged into a nearby outlet while the hose plugs into a standard inlet valve. Central vacuum hoses with a two prong plug-in have the additional 110 volts built into them.  When the hose is plugged into the inlet valve, the prongs make contact with the integrated receptacle, powering both the central vacuum unit and the necessary attachments.  The standard size for inlet valves is an outside diameter of 1 1/2 inches.

Central vacuum attachments provide unparalleled reach and cleaning capabilities.  The wide variety of options allow for a level of cleanliness that most conventional vacuum cleaners are incapable of reaching.  Although the selection process may seem arduous and overwhelming, the afformentioned steps can help alleviate the stress.  Electrolux, Beam, Eureka and Honeywell are some of the top recommendations in terms of quality and performance contributing to the continued success of central vacuum systems and accessories.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Vacuum Deals Made Easy

by Matt 19. November 2013 11:48

Early mornings, earlier than you want to wake up.  The sun hasn't risen and the cold is viciously biting.  People stand inches from each other.  Some come to in lawn chairs or zip open tents.  Hours have been wasted waiting; several individuals missed the warmth and coziness of Thanksgiving.  Every year, Black Friday drives people from their homes to anxiously wait at store fronts for door busters.  Highways become literal parking lots; cars lined up for miles while shoppers grudgingly trudge to stores or outlets.  We here at realize the absurdity of fighting, clawing, running, and scrambling for the lowest prices and offer you an easier alternative to hunting for Black Friday vacuum deals in stores.

Shop from the comfort of your home this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to find the same or superior deals on top quality vacuums and accessories through  Enjoy sales including 15% off any vacuum over $395, free shipping on orders over $20 on Cyber Monday, and gift giveaways on several orders.  We offer several Cyber Monday vacuum deals on popular brands such as Electrolux and Sebo as well as numerous storewide deals.  Don't lose sleep to deal with the frantic commotion of shoppers this Black Friday to find empty shelves.  Rest comfortably at home knowing you avoided the shopping center chaos and received the same deals without the headache.

Enjoy Thanksgiving this year.  Don't force yourself to sleep only to wake up a few hours later like so many others.  Eat your fill.  Relax.  Sleep in.  Visit at your convenience and leisure to find premier Black Friday and Cyber Monday vacuum deals.  We have eliminated the need to face the cold and crowds.  We understand that the Thanksgiving weekend is meant to be peaceful, pleasant, and warm and want you, our customer, to have the simplest online shopping experience possible.  While others fight for limited quantities, fill your favorite mug with coffee or tea and browse our wide selection of vacuums and parts to take advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday vacuum deals sales, and gifts on a wide array of makes and models.

What type of Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner to Buy?

by Matt 16. July 2012 05:19


Electrolux has been making high quality vacuum cleaners in the U.S. since the roaring 20’s and has been recognized by the Smithsonian.  Using quality cleaning equipment like Electrolux vacuum cleaners is the best way to keep your home clean.  Many homes have varieties of surfaces that need to be cleaned. Purchasing the right type of vacuum cleaner requires that you know what kind of surfaces you need to clean such as: wood, vinyl, tile, walls, ceiling, rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture and draperies. Maneuverability is an important factor.  Is your home multi level?  Do you own pets?  Do you have allergies?

Electrolux central vacuums are designed for multi surface flooring and have highly effective cleaning attachments.  The motorized power head is a most effective tool for removing dirt and pet hair from the nap of the carpet. If weight is a problem than you will no longer have to carry a heavy vacuum up and down stairs.  You can have better than HEPA filtration with the option to exhaust the central vacuum outside.

Electrolux Canister has been upgraded from their original design and use HEPA filtration to remove harmful particles from the air and provides relief from allergies and asthma.These machines are very lightweight and easy to pull around and work extremely well on both carpets and hard floors.

Electrolux Upright Vacuums cleaners are either bagged or bag-less and both styles come with HEPA filters to keep air in your home clean with superior filtration. The Upright has a revolving beater brush that works well on rugs and carpets.

Be a smart shopper make sure the company you are dealing with is an authorized dealer for the manufacturer. Electrolux Central Vacuums can be installed in a new or existing home.  To learn more what is the right vacuum cleaner for  your home call 866-972-8227 and a customer service consultant will be able to help you. 




How to Unclog a Central Vacuum System

by Bob 27. June 2012 10:09

Have you been noticing a reduced amount of suction in your central vacuum system? Does your power unit’s motor sound strained? Does one cleaning inlet provide more suction than another? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your central vacuum system may be clogged. Thankfully, it is a simple task to find where most clogs are located. There are three different types of clogs to look for: 

*Bag/Filter Clog: If you have neglected to maintain your motor unit, or have recently vacuumed up fine particles, the motor unit’s bag or filter might be clogged. If this were the case, you would experience low suction from every inlet, including the inlet located on the unit itself. If you own a bagless unit, washing or replacing the filter will solve this problem. In a bagged unit, replacing the bag will do the same. A dirty pre-motor filter should be replaced as well. 

*Hose Clog:  If you are experiencing low suction at each of your inlets, and you have made sure your motor unit’s bag or filter is not clogged, your hose may be the problem. An easy way to check for a hose clog is to turn on the motor unit manually, opening an inlet without the hose, and feeling the suction there. To turn on the unit manually, refer to your owner’s manual, although most units will have a switch on the side marked AUTO and ON, or something similar.  You want to turn the switch to ON. If good suction is coming from the inlets, your hose is clogged. This can be solved by running a  plumber's snake through the hose. 

*Inlet or Piping Clog: If just one or a few inlets experience reduced suction, then the clog is located within the walls. There are a few ways to solve this. The easiest way is to insert a shopvac or canister vacuum hose into the inlet and try to suction out the clog.   A product called TornadoPower Maintenance Cloths might be able to remove the clog. You could also try to run a plumber’s snake through the inlet. If all fails and you can’t remove the clog yourself, call your local central vacuum dealer for help. 

Keeping your system free of clogs will not only allow you to clean better, but will also prolong the life of your motor.  Happy Cleaning! 

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