Fix of the Week: How to Change and Electrolux Control Valve

by Mark 28. August 2014 08:31

First, open the canister.  Visit our blog to learn How to Open an Electrolux Plastic Canister.

Order a new Electrolux Control Valve

Once the Electrolux vacuum rails are off, remove the back cover.

Turn the vacuum upside down so the wheels point towards the ceiling; remove the bottom cover.

Locate one of the three tubes that connect to the control valve.

Disconnect this tube from the control valve by pulling.

Keep track of this tube as it reattaches to the new valve.

Remove the bag chamber to reveal the control valve.

Remove the control valve from the housing.

We recommend using a pair or pliers to pry the tubes off of the old control valve to avoid damage.
Be sure to note where each tube went on the control valve.  If you cross the tubes, you reverse the airflow of the control valve and the vacuum will tell you the bag is full and/or there is an issue.

Keep track of the two tubes you just removed. Its best to remove one tube at a time and then connect it to the new control valve.

Note where the slot is on the control valve housing.

Note where the peg is on the new control valve.

Align the peg on the control valve with the slot in the housing and attach the new valve.  A loud click occurs when it seats properly.

Reattach the tubes and assemble the vacuum back together.

Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner

by tyler 11. May 2012 07:32


Regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaning can be extremely helpful in extending its useable life. There are many easy steps to take to maintain your vacuum at optimal performance, none of which involve bringing your machine to a repair man for expensive servicing. Whether you have a canister, upright or even a stick vacuum, taking care of your cleaner is the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future. Yearly maintenance of your vacuum does not have to be expensive or even difficult though, simply replacing the belt and filter in your machine can be extremely helpful in the long run. 


Locating and replacing your vacuum cleaner belt:


The belt is located in various places on different vacuum cleaners. On a canister vacuum, the belt will be located in the power nozzle. To access the belt, you'll need to either unscrew the bottom or top of the base of the vacuum, depending on your machine. From there you will locate the belt and swap it out using leverage from the brushroll to pull the belt into place.  On an upright vacuum, the belt will be located at the base of the vacuum. Once again, you'll have to unscrew either the top or bottom of the base, depending on the make and model of your vacuum cleaner. 


Locating and replacing the filter in your vacuum:

There are so many different makes and models of vacuum cleaners and the filter can be located in different places for each one. The filter in your vacuum cleaner can also have quite a few different looks and shapes. Most Eureka filters will be cylindrical with pleated filter media while Miele filters are usually rectangular with a plastic casing. To locate the filter in your vacuum, find where air is exhausted. For instance, an Electrolux Versatility's motor exhausts on the front of the vacuum, just above the base. Because of this, the HEPA filter is placed right in front of the motor exhaust to prevent particles from being released back into the air of your home. 

In order to ensure that you replace your filter with the correct new filter, locate the model number before contacting a sales representative. 

Finding the correct model number of your vacuum will ensure that you always buy the correct replacement parts which will eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of returns. Replacing belts and filters regularly will also ensure that your vacuum cleaner is always running at peak performance to ensure a clean and healthy home.




Electrolux Style Metal Canister

by Matt 23. December 2009 02:46

The Perfect canister is the same body as the classic style Electrolux metal canister. The wide 15" power nozzle is great for pet hair. It also comes with an eletronic circuit breaker, if something is vacuumed up in to the power head such as a sock, the power head will automatically turn off, to prevent the belt from breaking. This machine also comes with the new HEPA filtration bag, which will stop more dust then the standard paper bags that usually come with this machine. This machine has rubber wheels and protection bumpers all around the body to protect floors and furniture.

Soft horse hair combination dusting/upholstery tool.
Air-driven stair tool.
14-inch crevice tool.
12-inch wide soft horse hair bare floor tool.
Telescopic wand

Metal tank construction for durability and long life
15-inch power nozzle with circuit breaker
6-foot hose with 360 swivel handle and power nozzle shut off.
Foot operated on/off switch
Automatic cord rewind
HEPA filter bag
Rubber wheels on canister and protection bumpers all around to protect floors and furniture

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