Fix of the Week: Changing the Bags and Filters on an Electrolux Canister Vacuum

by Mark 13. August 2014 10:53

Did you know your new Electrolux canister vacuum not only has a bag, but also a motor filter and a HEPA filter?  If you are like many other customers, you may not realize the differences between the motor filter and the HEPA filter and how or when to replace them.  No need to worry, however, because after today you’ll be a pro at keeping your vacuum running smoothly.

The Electrolux HEPA filter eliminates harmful particles down to .03 microns from your home (for comparison, the average human hair’s diameter is 100 microns).  If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, this filter aids in the reduction of nasal irritation.  Electrolux HEPA filters come in three variations: disposable (green), washable (blue), and anti-odor (grey).

To replace your Electrolux HEPA filter, begin by looking towards the back of the vacuum.

Electrolux EL7063 Canister Rear View

Located on the HEPA door are two button latches.  Hold these down and gently let the door open.

Electrolux EL7063 HEPA Filter Buttons

Remove the current HEPA filter and replace it with a new one.   Lift the door back into the closed position; it will click to lock.

Electrolux EL7063 HEPA Filter

Next, you can replace the bag and the motor filter simultaneously.  The motor filter removes harmful particles from entering the motor helping keep it cool.  If you do not change your motor filter or run the vacuum without one, it guarantees the motor burning out much faster.

First, remove the bag holder and bag from the interior of the canister (we’ll get to those in just a moment).

Electrolux EL7063 Bag Holder

You’ll see a door latch housing the motor filter.

Electrolux EL7063 Motor Filter Door

Open this door and remove the old motor filter and insert a new one.

Electrolux EL7063 Motor Filter

Close the door and check that off your list.

Lastly, you address the bag.  All new style Electrolux canister vacuums use the Style S Electrolux vacuum bags.   Electrolux Style S vacuum bags come in several models: EL200 (paper), EL201 (synthetic long performance), EL202 (anti-allergy), EL203 (anti-odor, good for pet owners), EL211 (ultra long performance synthetic).  For this demonstration, we’ll look at the EL201 synthetic long life Style S bag.

We’ve already removed the bag holder, so next remove the old bag by grabbing the cardboard tab and pulling it out.

EL7063 S Bag Removal

Next, grab the new Style S bag to go into the vacuum.

Electrolux EL201 Style S Bag

On the cardboard tab, you will see two latch holes.  These correspond directly with two latches on the bag holder.  Slide the bag tab through the threading of the bag holder and make sure the latches go into the two openings on the tab.

Electrolux EL201 Bag Tabs

Place the bag holder with the new bag back into the housing in the canister.  Close the lid and you can resume cleaning your home knowing your motor and air are better for the replacements.

You should change the motor filter approximately every 3-6 months, depending on how often you vacuum and how heavy the jobs are.  Your vacuum comes with a bag full light, so you just need to pay attention to that as to when to replace the Style S bag.  The HEPA filter lasts an estimated 8-12 months, again depending on your cleaning frequency and how intensely your allergies act up.  Changing out the filters ensures the longevity of your Electrolux canister vacuum and the health of your home.

If you have any questions, call in to speak with one of our representatives at (866)-972-8227.


Pet Vacuums

by Matt 21. May 2013 06:43

Having pets is a great experience and serves a number of incredible purposes; pets have been shown to increase quality of life, can provide incomparable aid to disabled persons, will guard a home or family with unquestioning loyalty, and will make any time spent at home unmistakably more fun and fulfilling. However, with almost any pet comes the daunting responsibility of cleaning up after them, which is often the most underestimated element of pet ownership, especially when taking into consideration the hard truth that most of what needs to be cleaned is invisible and can’t be done with your standard vacuum cleaner or cleaning spray. Luckily, a number of products in the field of homecare are revolutionizing cleaning methods that deal directly with pets, and has taken on the task of providing a comprehensive guide and marketplace for people interested in these units.

What most prospective pet owners don’t realize is that the soiled carpets, clumps of shedding hair, and “surprises” on the kitchen floor are only the beginning of the real messes that pets unleash upon their once-spotless homes. Most vacuum cleaners won’t handle large volumes of pet hair and they will clog the agitator brushes or be missed completely, rendering most machines useless against pets. Furthermore, what makes a vacuum cleaner truly armed against pet messes and even the mere presence of a pet with hair is high filtration. Pets, as much as they may remind us of ourselves, have a different biological makeup than humans, and their natural scent and dander will irritate the respiration, allergies, and skin of many people, even those who consider themselves immune to these pet byproducts. Therefore, what many contemporary vacuum cleaner designs are utilizing are a dual-threat system against all these concerns.

Taking advantage of the user-friendly search-narrowing options, anybody in need of a vacuum for pets will have a wide variety of options in mere seconds. For starters, eVacuumStore notes that Eureka, known for their affordable residential upright vacuums, has released a number of machines that were intended for cleaning up after pets from their very conception. With HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filtration and the state-of-the-art Power Paw tool, the Eureka Pet Expert vacuum cleaner is just one of their many pet-specific models. The Power Paw tool uses advanced technology to remove pet hair from cushions and other upholstery, the high-power agitator brush reaches deep into the carpet to eliminate hair, allergens, scents, and dander, and the HEPA Filtration keeps the microscopic particles from re-entering the air in the home. By capturing all the dander and allergens deep in the carpets, and preventing them from re-entering the air, this Eureka Pet Vacuum literally removes any evidence of your pet being in the home, aside from the pet itself!

Top 5 Vacuum Cleaner Brands According to

by Zack 17. February 2013 06:33

With such an abundance of vacuum cleaner brands making a name for themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which one is ideal for your specific living or business conditions.  Through the oftentimes overwhelming veil that is created by the cleaning industry, how is one to know which brand to choose?  Well fear not!  A list of the five best brands of vacuums has been compiled, in no particular order, to help alleviate the stress that can occasionally be associated when searching for the newest addition to your cleaning arsenal.

The first brand worth a notable mention is Miele.  Miele is a German based company that strives to provide consumers with the highest quality imaginable in terms of their upright and canister vacuum cleaners.  With over 100 years of experience in the field, it's obvious that they have applied their innovation and ingenuity to their machines, making them as consumer-friendly as possible.  Sealed HEPA filtration, durable design, light  weight, and overall silence are some of the features that help to separate Miele from the rest of the competition.  This brand has divided their vacuum cleaners into various series: the S2, S5, S6, S7 and S8 series.  The S7 series is the only series of Miele vacuum cleaners that is not canister type.  This particular series contains Miele upright vacuum cleaners, that are considered to be the best on the market today.  Similarly, the S8 line is considered to contain the highest quality canister vacuums and is also the newest series of the Miele vacuums.

Next on the list is the world-renowned brand. Electrolux.  As one of the most common household names for close to a century, Electrolux has created a name and fan base for themselves that seems to be insurmountable.  Considered to be the standard for canister, upright and central vacuums alike, this brand provides a certain quality of cleaning performance and filtration that leaves homes cleaner and fresher than they have ever been before.  From their humble beginnings with canister vacuums like the Model V and Model L, to their undeniable success with the Electrolux central vacuum systems like the PU3650 and PU3900, this brand is certain to provide you with one of the greatest ranges of machines available today.

The list of top five vacuum brands would not be complete without yet another German manufactured brand gracing its presence.  SEBO has been dropping the jaws of consumers for close to forty years due to their innovative design, causing their canister and upright vacuum cleaners to be considered the best pet vacuum around.  In fact, SEBO vacuum cleaners were some the first to have the automatic shut-off function when something gets caught in the brushroll.  This feature is ideal for pet owners, as well as any home or business owner interested in keeping their home/business and vacuum in optimum condition.

Another brand that simply cannot be overlooked when considering a new sweeper is Panasonic.  Oftentimes this brand name is associated with quality electronics, however the quality of the bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners available are definitely worth mentioning.   HEPA filtration is a standard among the majority of upright Panasonic vacuum cleaners offered by this brand which helps to guarantee that you and your family are breathing only the cleanest air imaginable; and with the option of bagged or bagless, you're sure to find a machine to suit your specific needs.  In addition to their diverse array of upright  vacuum cleaners, Panasonic canister vacuums provide one of the most versatile cleaning experiences of any brand.  Similar to the upright models, these canister style vacuums primarily operate using HEPA filtration but additionaly utilize OptiFlow technology.  This allows for a consistent flow of air in and out of the machine even when vacum vacuum bag becomes full.

Last , but certainly not least, on the list is Kirby.  This brand has been an established company for over a century and has since obtained plenty of experience with the competitive nature that is the vacuum industry.  Kirby vacuums are generally sold door to door and are made out of aluminum which makes them one of the most durable vacuum cleaners available.  Due to their aluminum bodies, these vacuums are projected to last consumers, smart enough to own one, well over thiry years.  This being the case, the only additional time and money that needs to be spent is maintaining the sweeper, which is much cheaper when compared to purchasing a new one every few years. Kirby vacuum bags are readily available for all models including the Ultimate G, the G4, G5 and G6, as well as the earlier models such as Generation 3.  Newer models such as the Kirby Sentria are also easy to obtain vacuum cleaner bags for.  Similar to the availability of the bags, Kirby vacuum parts such as brushrolls, hoses, belts and attachments are easy to come by and work together to keep your machine lasting a lifetime.

Try New Products for Spring Cleaning

by Matt 17. March 2012 04:18


Try new cleaning products that can help you achieve a clean and organized home.  Leave your hands free by using a carry all apron to put your essential spring cleaning supplies in as you go room to room.  The Bona Micro Plus Cloth is super absorbent and when used with Bona Cleaners this combination eliminate grease and other tough stains.  Clean the toaster, microwave, can opener, and other appliances kept on the countertop. Cleaning supplies should be stored away from areas where pets and small children will have contact with them.  For granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances an all purpose cleaner to use is Stain X granite and stainless steel polish and cleaner, the only all purpose polish available without silicone, protects and polishes in one easy step.

You may have to clean your floors more frequently if you have kids and pets. Protecting your hardwood floors is simple. Use products that are safe for your family and the environment. Bona Stone Tile and Laminate Floor Kit is a good choice for easy safe maintenance of all hard surface floors.  Also available Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner specifically formulated to clean all polyurethane finished wood floors and factory pre-finished wood floors. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate mop cartridge refill is also available.

To manage pet hair on floors, furniture, and clothing place an old sheet or towel at your pet’s favorite spot. Periodically shake it outside to remove most of the hair before vacuuming. Choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter.  A product such as Hoover Second Notice Pet Soil and Odor Remover for Carpet and Upholstery can penetrate deep into carpets and upholstery fibers to remove tough pet stains.

This year try some green friendly products. Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green Vacuum Cleaner is 55% plastic made from recycled material.  This Vacuum has a washable HEPA filter to wash and reuse for less waste.  The Reliable Steamboy Floor Steam Mop is a chemical-free floor steam mop, a safe way to clean your home and protect our environment.



by Matt 28. March 2011 08:06

National pet week this year is May 1-2011 to May 7-2011. As much as we love our household pets they can create cleaning headaches.  A great deal of care goes into maintaining a family pet including meals, walks, vaccinations and yes clean up.  Our pets can never clean up after themselves.  Fur on upholstered furniture, muddy paws and occasional accidents is what we have to take care of.

The first thing to remember is cleaner pets means a cleaner home.  Bathe and brush pets regularly to minimize the amount of pet hair and pet dander.  Rapid response is best to prevent stains.  The best course is prevention.  Keep a lint brush available to pick up loose hair.  Invest in a rug or a blanket for your animal’s favorite spot.  To remove pet hair on carpeting use a vacuum with a beater brush or brush roll.  Invest in a good vacuum cleaner with attachments that are designed to pick up pet hair. A decent vacuum cleaner will show amazing results to remove pet hair out of your carpets. Teach your pet to tolerate the vacuum cleaner.

Eureka Enviro SteamerTo remove pet urine stains clean with one quart water mixed with white vinegar or pet bacteria enzyme.  Vinegar helps because it contains enzymes.  Use non-toxic and pet safe cleaning products.  No matter what kind of cleaner you use on your carpets it would be wise to try the cleaning agent on a small non-visible patch before applying to stain. Let the cleaner set for about 5 minutes. If the stain is still noticeable apply again.  If that fails use a carpet cleaner.  Even if the stains disappear a pet will repeatedly return to the same spot if he can smell his own odor.  It is important to eliminate all odors. Even when you think you did a good job the smell can come back in a few days. Store bought remedies for pet stain removal can become ineffective if the stains have persisted. If you let the carpet stay damp it could lead to mildew. A steamer such as Eureka Envrio steamer, a carpet shampooer,  or a wet/dry vacuum could help.





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