Vacuum Cleaner Filters

by Joe 4. February 2011 11:13

Vacuum cleaner filters are a very important part of all vacuums. All vacuums come standard with some
sort of filter.

The differences between standard filters and HEPA filtration filters are the level of filtration each

Standard micro filters filter trap between 90-95 percent of all micros .05 or smaller. Which is good but for
people with allergies this is not enough.

Small particles that escape into the air can be inhaled and may cause allergic reactions.

HEPA filtration filters stands for (high efficiency particulate absorbing). HEPA filters are the best filters
that you can use on a vacuum clean.

They filter 99.5 percent of all micros.03 or smaller. With this amount of filtration people with allergies
have fewer reactions to dust being recycled back into the air.

A vacuum filter can also help with the life of a vacuum cleaner. There are two different types of
filters in most vacuums cleaners, pre motor filters and post motor filters.

The Pre motor filter is very important because that is what catches the larger particles before it reaches
the motor. These particles can be harmful not just to your health but to your vacuums motor.

The buildup of dirt in the motor can clog the motor and also damage the motor over time

The post motor filter is the last line of defense before the air recalculates back into the air. This is where
a HEPA filter is very important.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner you should first research the replacement cost of filters. Many
vacuum cleaner filters can be very in expensive but there are some filters that can cost upwards of
eighty dollars to replace.

Many vacuums now are offering washable HEPA filters this is a great savings because you can reuse your
filters instead of replacing then every six months.

So it is very important to find a vacuum that fits all the criteria that you are looking for, if you have
allergies then a HEPA filter is a great option.


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