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by Matt 23. August 2012 04:14 has added to its online vacuum cleaner arsenal a large selection of dynamic and versatile machines designed and manufactured for Car Washes and large commercial or industrial businesses in need of heavy duty stationary cleaning equipment. Because of their size, their pay-to-use coin slot features, and their power, the design of these machines yielded the realization that they would have to be immobile to function efficiently, which, serving as a blessing in disguised, has allowed them to include multiple diverse features in one machine. These features include a fragrance tool, spot remover, shampooer, hot air dryer, tire shiner, and others, qualifying the Car Wash and Industrial Vacuums for a number of different purposes, environments, and businesses. Together, these machines make up a unique line of vacuums from the industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer J.E. Adams, for whom is a major distributor.

Most of the J.E. Adams Vacuum Cleaner machines accept coin deposits for customer use, and many of those models also accept bills, which displays the intention of having these machines installed at Car Washes, gas stations, automobile repair shops, etc., where the customer can pay directly for a duration of time with the vacuum in operation. However, their versatility and mercurial abilities put them in a unique position to not just be commercial commodities that the car owner can use briefly in the parking lot, but also a priceless piece of equipment for rental car businesses, car dealerships, automobile manufacturers that need to clean the cars before shipping them out, large factories and plants that use automobiles to get around, and the list goes on. Sometimes a central vacuum system is too much or too residential for the needs of these commercial and industrial organizations, and until recently the car wash vacuums weren’t always seen as the best option for an all-purpose industrial and commercial cleaning machine but with the wide and seamless spectrum of vacuum cleaner machines now available from manufacturers like J.E. Adams, it is now clear that they are equipped for more than just cleaning out cars on their way through the car wash parking lot.




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