History of All Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Models

by Matt 22. June 2012 09:10

Take a walk down memory lane, back to the earliest days of the Electrolux Vacuum Family Tree. Though most of us didn't have the pleasure to witness these beautiful machines, the great-grandfathers of modern vacuuming, enter into the realm of the cleaning world for the first time, they made haste in showing the broom-and-dustpan fanatics that suction was the way of the future! When the Model V vacuum was introduced, Calvin Coolidge was the American President and the Roaring Twenties were in full swing! And in each American home, Electrolux vacuums were starting to appear through the front door as the newest addition to the nuclear family, the staple appliance to every wholesome household. As time went on and the vacuum evolved, the Electrolux name remained one of prestige and reliability.





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