Guide to Electrolux Plastic Canister Display Panel

by Matt 28. April 2016 08:39

Electrolux Canister Display Panel and Control Valve

The center dial is the control dial, which is an integral Electrolux canister vacuum part, and it should be set according to the size of the particulate you are vacuuming. Particles like finer sand should be vacuumed with the dial positioned on the 1st setting, and larger particles should be vacuumed with the dial positioned closer to the 5th setting. Having the control valve at the appropriate setting allows the full-bag indicator to function properly. The "normal" setting is adequate for most situations.

Guide to Indicator Lights

Thermostat Indicator on Electrolux Plastic CanistersThis heat protection light alerts users if the motor is overheating. The vacuum will automatically shut down, when this light comes on, to prevent any motor damage. Common causes of this are a clogged hose or running the vacuum too long. Try unplugging your vacuum for a while, to let the motor cool down, if the latter is the case. If this light stays on continuously, then there is most likely permanent motor damage involved.

Powercord Indicator on Electrolux Plastic CanistersThis green power indicator will alert the user that the vacuum is plugged in and receiving power. If this light does not turn on, there may be a problem with the electrical connections in the cordwinder.

Bag Microswitch Indicator on Electrolux Plastic CanistersThis bag check indicator light notifies users if the bag lockout switch within the canister is malfunctioning, or needs to be adjusted.

Full Bag Indicator Light on Electrolux Plastic CanistersThis bag change indicator light is perhaps the most useful. When this indicator is illuminated it means the bag within the vacuum is full and needs to be replaced. However, it could also indicate an issue with the control valve setting.

This information applies to the following Electrolux models:
Hi-Tech 2100, Lux 2000, Lux 5500, Epic 6000, Epic 6500, Lux 7000


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