Fix of the Week: How to Change Electrolux Part # NUE-003 Coupling

by Mark 5. June 2014 06:51

To begin, disconnect your power nozzle from the wand of the vacuum.  Turn the vacuum upside down and locate the 6 screws holding the soleplate on.  With a Phillips or flat head screw driver, remove the 6 screws and detach the soleplate from the power head.  Turn the head right side up again.

Next, on the back of the power head (the side that faces you while vacuuming), locate two latches/prong between the two pedals (handle release and height adjustment).  Disengage the latches and pull the top cover off to reveal the brush, belt, etc.

Next, locate and remove 11 screws holding an inner cover on.  The eleventh screw is to the side and not visible from the top.  Remove this inner plate for better access.  Be careful of all wiring inside the head during this process.  

From the old/current elbow on the head, trace the black and red wires to the circuit board.  Cut these two wires as close to the old elbow as possible to allow maximum slack for splicing.

Remove the old elbow and place the new NUE-003 into the slot/space/housing.  Locate the clipped black and red wires and splice the old wires (the ones that run from the circuit board) to the new wires (on the new NUE-003 elbow).  For the splicing process, specialists recommend using wire nuts for a tight and safe connection

Replace the inner cover and secure it with the 11 screws.  Place the main cover on and clip the latches between the two pedals.  Turn the head upside down; replace the soleplate and secure it with the 6 screws.  Connect your wand to the power nozzle via the new elbow and vacuum with new maneuverability.


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