Black Friday Vacuum Sale

by Matt 28. October 2014 07:12

        The term “Black Friday” conjures up images of stampedes and insanity amongst the American public.  We’ve all seen the gruesome images and shocking news stories in the hours after Thanksgiving where humanity and respect take a backseat to discount sales and blowout deals.  Thankfully, there is a new alternative to waiting in outrageous lines at 4AM in the cold November air: online shopping.  Black Friday is not just for brick and mortar stores anymore as will be rolling out deals all day long.  Get the same deals as the early birds without ever having to leave your home!

         What better time to purchase a vacuum than on Black Friday!  Electrolux has just released their new Ultra Collection in times for the holidays.  Choose between the Classic, Signet, and Deluxe depending on the surfaces on your home.  While our prices on high-end SEBO vacuums are already as low as can be, we are offering deals on SEBO for one day only!  Choose between the Automatic X and Airbelt Series to clean your carpeting and hardwood floors seamlessly.  Each SEBO vacuum comes with a 5-year warranty while Electrolux comes with a 7-year warranty, so you can be guaranteed they will last.  Not sure which model you’d prefer?  Try it out in your home with our 30-day risk-free trial!  If you’re not satisfied, you can easily swap it for a model that is better for you.  With fast free shipping, you’ll receive your vacuum in no time so you can get back to cleaning your home for the holidays!

The latest in vacuum technology, the iRobot Roomba Series cleans your home without you needing to lift a finger.  Purchase the newer models and you won’t even need to be present for it to clean, as it comes with a programmable schedule for it to run on while you’re out.  Its HEPA filtration helps keep asthma and allergies at bay while the three stage cleaning system keeps your carpets looking brand new!

Now don’t think we’ve left the handymen out on these great deals.  If you’ve got a broken Dyson or any other brand of vacuum and need parts, we’ve got you covered.  Using our extensive catalog of Dyson parts, you’ll find easy-to-use schematics and parts diagrams that will make repairs a breeze.  Find everything from the dust cup and large powerhead to the small hose spring all just by knowing the model number of your machine.

No matter what you’re looking for, has all your vacuum needs covered.  Enjoy the lowest prices around with just a few clicks of the mouse.



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Do it your self vacuum cleaner repair is now easier by being able to match the parts you need to our exclusive detailed parts diagrams and schematics.  This will let you know you are getting the right part the fist time which saves time and money.  We always recommend that you unplug your machine before performing any repair and if you do not know what you are doing we advise bringing your vacuum to an authorized repair shop.


We carry a large selection of vacuum cleaners types such as: commercial, upright, canister, handheld, stick brooms, steam vacs, and wet dry vacuums.  We also carry vacuum cleaner bags and filters to fit every model.


For all of your central vacuum, and installations needs, we have everything from new construction installations kits to specific fittings for pipe repair.  Our featured Electrolux Quiet Clean central vacuum system is second to none. 


Our Air Purifiers and HEPA filter help to reduce allergies, asthma, and indoor air pollution.  Simply running a HEPA filter in your home all day will clean the air in your home and help to prevent an allergy or asthma attack.

It's the holiday season again! That means great Black Friday and Cyber Monday vacuum deals exclusively at eVacuumStore! Check them out today on our site!




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