How To of the Week: How to Choose the Ideal Dorm / Apartment Vacuum

by Joe 8. August 2014 06:40

With school waiting right around the corner, you may find yourself like other students and parents scrambling to get all of the necessary supplies for move in day to the dorm or apartment.  You know your knowledge seeker needs a vacuum for the room and it needs to fall within budget.  With so many options available, which machine suits your needs?  Let’s take a look.

First, we consider the Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum.  Simply hold the handle of the hose and you can clean floors (including carpet, linoleum, or cement, the popular flooring choices in dorms) and by attaching accessories, your cleaning reach extends to every inch of the room.  You can upgrade the Mighty Mite with a True HEPA filter separating the microscopic particles that irritate the respiratory system from exiting the vacuum back into the room.  You can have this compact canister vacuum with full amenities for $88.95.  Read more about the Eureka Boss Mighty Might here.

For lighter clean up jobs and versatility, consider the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum 96JZ.  A smaller hand vacuum rests inside the full stick body for floor or detail cleaning.  Pick up shreds of notebook paper and crumbs for when your date comes over to watch movies on your laptop.  When you finish, empty the dust cup and store the vacuum out of sight.  You never need to worry about bags.  Click to see if the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum is right for your room.

Maybe you get lucky and your roommate/suitemate already owns a vacuum to clean the floors, but you still need something small and less bulky to clean your own area.  Do you need to dust your desk?  When was the last time the blinds were vacuumed?   You can go to each section of the room and use either the main suction nozzle or use the mini hose and crevice tool to get into the smaller, thinner locations.  Could the Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vacuum be the one?

During your college years, you grow, learn, and understand new aspects of education and life.  Spend less time cleaning and more time studying and making friends and memories thanks to one of these machines.  If you feel you need something a little different than these dorm and apartment approved vacuums, call one of our expertly trained associates to help find the right machine for you within your budget.  Call today at (866)-972-8227 and check “vacuum” off your back to school list.



Fix of the Week: How to Change Electrolux an Epic Power Nozzle Elbow

by Joe 1. August 2014 05:46

1) To begin, turn the power nozzle over and remove the six (6) screws.

2) Lift off the power nozzle top cover.

3) Remove the light bulb from the housing and subsequently the housing itself.

4) Remove the second inner cover.

5) Trace the wires from the old elbow to the motor and reset circuit breaker.

6) Remove the leads from these two locations.

7) Remove the old elbow and discard.

8) Seat new elbow.

9) Attach new wire leads to the motor and reset circuit breaker.

10) Place new light bulb housing in appropriate location on the inner cover.

11) Screw in light bulb.

12) Replace inner cover.

13) Replace top cover.

14) Replace the six (6) screws.



Enjoy that you just saved money on repair bills.

If you have any questions on other Electrolux vacuum parts, visit our page, or call (866)-972-8227 to speak with a live technician.


Fix of the Week: How to Change a Kirby Belt

by Joe 12. June 2014 09:44

How to Change a Kirby Belt

1) Open top lid.

2) Turn nozzle locking latch counter clockwise.

3) Remove the nozzle.

4) Twist two latches on the backside (inside) of the nozzle counter clockwise to release the soleplate.

5) Remove the soleplate.

6) Remove brush roll and broken belt.

7) Clean the inside of the nozzle.  This prevents future clogs and ensures smooth operation.

8) Place belt around the middle of the brush roll.

9) Return brush roll to housing.

10) Replace soleplate.

11) Open front latch on the nozzle.

12) Turn the plastic latch counter clockwise.  The inside of this plastic latch has a hook that catches the belt for replacement.  Make note of the belt loop at this time.

13) Put the armature (the metal spinning rod on the body of the vacuum) through the belt loop in the nozzle.  It glides on without resistance.

14) Turn the nozzle locking latch clockwise to secure the nozzle.

15) Turn the belt hook latch clockwise to return it to its normal resting and operating position.  This also secures the belt to the armature.

16) Close the top lid and resume vacuuming with your new belt.


Fix of the Week: How to Change Electrolux Part # NUE-003 Coupling

by Mark 5. June 2014 06:51

To begin, disconnect your power nozzle from the wand of the vacuum.  Turn the vacuum upside down and locate the 6 screws holding the soleplate on.  With a Phillips or flat head screw driver, remove the 6 screws and detach the soleplate from the power head.  Turn the head right side up again.

Next, on the back of the power head (the side that faces you while vacuuming), locate two latches/prong between the two pedals (handle release and height adjustment).  Disengage the latches and pull the top cover off to reveal the brush, belt, etc.

Next, locate and remove 11 screws holding an inner cover on.  The eleventh screw is to the side and not visible from the top.  Remove this inner plate for better access.  Be careful of all wiring inside the head during this process.  

From the old/current elbow on the head, trace the black and red wires to the circuit board.  Cut these two wires as close to the old elbow as possible to allow maximum slack for splicing.

Remove the old elbow and place the new NUE-003 into the slot/space/housing.  Locate the clipped black and red wires and splice the old wires (the ones that run from the circuit board) to the new wires (on the new NUE-003 elbow).  For the splicing process, specialists recommend using wire nuts for a tight and safe connection

Replace the inner cover and secure it with the 11 screws.  Place the main cover on and clip the latches between the two pedals.  Turn the head upside down; replace the soleplate and secure it with the 6 screws.  Connect your wand to the power nozzle via the new elbow and vacuum with new maneuverability.

Tags: Presents the Electrolux Preferred Line

by Joe 16. April 2014 12:10 is the exclusive authorized online retailer of the Electrolux Preferred Line canister vacuums including the EL7070 UltraOne and the EL7066 UltraSilencer Delux.  Both genuine Electrolux vacuums have premier attachments for an easier cleaning experience.  Both vacuums also use high quality S-level filtration bags as well as HEPA filters providing 99.97% efficiency against particles down to .03 microns.

The UltraOne and UltraSilencer share many similarities as the top two Electrolux canister vacuums including: ergonomic handles, crushproof hoses, and a superior power nozzle.  Users control the suction level on the handle as well as turning the brush roll on and off.  The UltraOne features an automatic suction setting that caters to the surface in question.  The machines use the same power nozzle which comes with height adjustment.  If you own an Oriental rug or thick pile carpet, then you need a power nozzle with height adjustment.

For hardwood floors or bare surfaces (tile, laminate, etc), the vacuums come with a hardwood floor brush.  This attachment has soft bristles to never scratch or damage hardwood floors, but rather to sweep up dust and dirt lying in the cracks wearing away slowly at the surface dulling its shine and vibrancy.

While you clean, you never need to worry about disturbing anyone in your home.  As the name implies, the UltraSilencer is one of the quietest machines available today operating at under 67 decibels.  This low volume allows users to run the machine while others sleep.   The UltraOne, although slightly louder, runs at roughly 72 decibels which is still silent enough to vacuum while people sleep or rest.

The UltraOne boasts two features over the UltaSilencer.  The design in which the hose enters the canister optimizes airflow; the debris enters the canister horizontally providing unmatched suction power as opposed to dust entering at an angle seen in the UltraSilencer.  The UltraOne also has a larger dust capacity requiring a long lasting S-class bag reducing the number of replacements necessary to continue running. stands as an exclusive online retailer of the Electrolux vacuums in the Preferred Line.  These superior machines make cleaning worries a matter of the past and keep a hopeful future possible with seven (7) year warranties.  To help determine which vacuum suits your needs, call the Electrolux experts at today at 866-972-8227 and find your way to the ideal canister.


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