Locating the Model Number on an Electrolux Vacuum

by Joe 12. November 2014 11:20

There are countless Electrolux models of all styles, ranging from canisters and uprights, to stick vacuums and central vacuums.  Over time, service may be needed, and new vacuum parts may be required.  In order to properly approach either of these topics, locating the model number is a crucial first step.

On Electrolux Upright Vacuums:
The model number for Electrolux Uprights is most commonly located on the back of the handle or on the bottom of the machine.  Older upright models generally start with the letter "U," followed by three numbers, while newer uprights start with the letters "EL," followed by up to four numbers.

On Electrolux Stick Vacuums:
There are a wide variety of stick vacuum cleaners from this brand, the majority of which have a 2-in-1 function which includes a removable hand vacuum.  The model number for these machines can be found on the back of the handheld portion, and will start with the letters "EL."

On Older Electrolux Canister Vacuums (long body style):
Locating the model number on plastic and metal tank-style Electrolux vacuums is very straightforward.  Simply open up the area where you normally replace the bags and look on the inside of the door itself.  The model number should be listed directly on it, and is most commonly four digits long.  However, on much older machines, the model number may be a single letter located on the bag door hinge; for example, model E, AE, S AF, R, G and L.  Another thing to look out for on older metal machines is a rubber gasket.  Sometimes this piece can obstruct the model number.  If you find you're unable to locate the model number, just move the rubber gasket out of the way, and it should be right beneath it.  On the tank-style plastic machines, there are commonly model names and series names, such as the 6500SR, which can also prove helpful when searching for compatible parts.

On Newer Electrolux Canister Vacuums (compact body style):
The model number for the newer, compact machines is located on the belly of the canister.  This number should start with the letters "EL" and have four digits that follow.  In addition to the model number, there is also a type letter, which is important to have when looking for parts, because some components can be model AND type specific.

On Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems:
Owners of an Electrolux central vacuum will find the model number located on the side of the canister.  Sometimes this number can be difficult to locate depending on the angle in which the unit was installed, but the side is most commonly where it can be found.  In some cases, knowing the model name of the unit can be helpful as well; an example would be the Afeura, or the QuietClean.  Some of the most common Electrolux central vacuum model numbers are 1580, 1590, E130 (with a letter after it), PU3650 and PU3900.  When it comes to central vacuums, it is also crucial to know the model number of the powerhead.  The powerhead is the attachment used to clean carpets, and the model number can be found on the bottom of it.  Locating the model number of the powerhead is important because it provides information on the type of hose and attachments currently being used with a central vacuum system.  The model of the system itself does not always directly correlate to the attachments, but the model of the power nozzle does.

On Electrolux Power Nozzles:
The model number of Electrolux power nozzles is located on the bottom of the attachment.  Older style Electrolux vacuums commonly had model numbers starting with the letters "PN" followed by a number from one to seven, however there are exceptions such as models N137 and N106, which vary in style.  Newer style power nozzles commonly start with the letters "EL," with popular models including EL5A, EL7A and EL12A.  Knowing the model of the powerhead is vital for locating component parts, and is essential for central vacuum owners, as mentioned above.


Fix of the Week: How to Change and Electrolux Control Valve

by Joe 28. August 2014 08:31

First, open the canister.  Visit our blog to learn How to Open an Electrolux Plastic Canister.

Order a new Electrolux Control Valve

Once the Electrolux vacuum rails are off, remove the back cover.

Turn the vacuum upside down so the wheels point towards the ceiling; remove the bottom cover.

Locate one of the three tubes that connect to the control valve.

Disconnect this tube from the control valve by pulling.

Keep track of this tube as it reattaches to the new valve.

Remove the bag chamber to reveal the control valve.

Remove the control valve from the housing.

We recommend using a pair or pliers to pry the tubes off of the old control valve to avoid damage.
Be sure to note where each tube went on the control valve.  If you cross the tubes, you reverse the airflow of the control valve and the vacuum will tell you the bag is full and/or there is an issue.

Keep track of the two tubes you just removed. Its best to remove one tube at a time and then connect it to the new control valve.

Note where the slot is on the control valve housing.

Note where the peg is on the new control valve.

Align the peg on the control valve with the slot in the housing and attach the new valve.  A loud click occurs when it seats properly.

Reattach the tubes and assemble the vacuum back together.


Fix of the Week: How to Change an Electrolux Plastic Canister Cordwinder

by Joe 21. August 2014 08:44

Start by assembling the vacuum, the new cordwinder, a putty knife, and a rubber hammer or mallet.

First, open the bag door of the vacuum.

Turn the vacuum on its side and locate the rubber coated bumpers.  Place the putty knife between the bumper and the hard plastic of the canister.

Next, tap the butt end of the putty knife with your mallet to move the bumper down the rail.

Once you have both bumpers off, remove the back cover and you can now open the canister in a clam shell fashion.

Turn the vacuum upside down for easy access.

Locate the old cordwinder at the back of the canister vacuum.

Take note of the contacts.  Here is a shot of the first contact.

This is the second.

Remove the cordwinder from the old contacts; view below for visual demonstration.

Remove the old cordwinder and be sure to guide the plug through the opening.

Once the old cordwinder is out of the plastic canister vacuum, insert the new Electrolux cordwinder in its place and reconnect the contacts.  Put the top and bottom halves of the canister back together.  Replace the back cover.  Guide the bumpers along the rails.  Once finished, plug the new cord into an outlet and watch as the vacuum springs to life again.

If you have any questions, view our blog post on How to Replace an Electrolux Cordwinder.  You can also call our toll free number (866)-972-8227 to speak with a live associate to help you with technical troubleshooting.


Fix of the Week: Changing the Bags and Filters on an Electrolux Canister Vacuum

by Joe 13. August 2014 10:53

Did you know your new Electrolux canister vacuum not only has a bag, but also a motor filter and a HEPA filter?  If you are like many other customers, you may not realize the differences between the motor filter and the HEPA filter and how or when to replace them.  No need to worry, however, because after today you’ll be a pro at keeping your vacuum running smoothly.

The Electrolux HEPA filter eliminates harmful particles down to .03 microns from your home (for comparison, the average human hair’s diameter is 100 microns).  If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, this filter aids in the reduction of nasal irritation.  Electrolux HEPA filters come in three variations: disposable (green), washable (blue), and anti-odor (grey).

To replace your Electrolux HEPA filter, begin by looking towards the back of the vacuum.

Electrolux EL7063 Canister Rear View

Located on the HEPA door are two button latches.  Hold these down and gently let the door open.

Electrolux EL7063 HEPA Filter Buttons

Remove the current HEPA filter and replace it with a new one.   Lift the door back into the closed position; it will click to lock.

Electrolux EL7063 HEPA Filter

Next, you can replace the bag and the motor filter simultaneously.  The motor filter removes harmful particles from entering the motor helping keep it cool.  If you do not change your motor filter or run the vacuum without one, it guarantees the motor burning out much faster.

First, remove the bag holder and bag from the interior of the canister (we’ll get to those in just a moment).

Electrolux EL7063 Bag Holder

You’ll see a door latch housing the motor filter.

Electrolux EL7063 Motor Filter Door

Open this door and remove the old motor filter and insert a new one.

Electrolux EL7063 Motor Filter

Close the door and check that off your list.

Lastly, you address the bag.  All new style Electrolux canister vacuums use the Style S Electrolux vacuum bags.   Electrolux Style S vacuum bags come in several models: EL200 (paper), EL201 (synthetic long performance), EL202 (anti-allergy), EL203 (anti-odor, good for pet owners), EL211 (ultra long performance synthetic).  For this demonstration, we’ll look at the EL201 synthetic long life Style S bag.

We’ve already removed the bag holder, so next remove the old bag by grabbing the cardboard tab and pulling it out.

EL7063 S Bag Removal

Next, grab the new Style S bag to go into the vacuum.

Electrolux EL201 Style S Bag

On the cardboard tab, you will see two latch holes.  These correspond directly with two latches on the bag holder.  Slide the bag tab through the threading of the bag holder and make sure the latches go into the two openings on the tab.

Electrolux EL201 Bag Tabs

Place the bag holder with the new bag back into the housing in the canister.  Close the lid and you can resume cleaning your home knowing your motor and air are better for the replacements.

You should change the motor filter approximately every 3-6 months, depending on how often you vacuum and how heavy the jobs are.  Your vacuum comes with a bag full light, so you just need to pay attention to that as to when to replace the Style S bag.  The HEPA filter lasts an estimated 8-12 months, again depending on your cleaning frequency and how intensely your allergies act up.  Changing out the filters ensures the longevity of your Electrolux canister vacuum and the health of your home.

If you have any questions, call in to speak with one of our representatives at (866)-972-8227.



How To of the Week: How to Choose the Ideal Dorm / Apartment Vacuum

by Joe 8. August 2014 06:40

With school waiting right around the corner, you may find yourself like other students and parents scrambling to get all of the necessary supplies for move in day to the dorm or apartment.  You know your knowledge seeker needs a vacuum for the room and it needs to fall within budget.  With so many options available, which machine suits your needs?  Let’s take a look.

First, we consider the Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum.  Simply hold the handle of the hose and you can clean floors (including carpet, linoleum, or cement, the popular flooring choices in dorms) and by attaching accessories, your cleaning reach extends to every inch of the room.  You can upgrade the Mighty Mite with a True HEPA filter separating the microscopic particles that irritate the respiratory system from exiting the vacuum back into the room.  You can have this compact canister vacuum with full amenities for $88.95.  Read more about the Eureka Boss Mighty Might here.

For lighter clean up jobs and versatility, consider the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum 96JZ.  A smaller hand vacuum rests inside the full stick body for floor or detail cleaning.  Pick up shreds of notebook paper and crumbs for when your date comes over to watch movies on your laptop.  When you finish, empty the dust cup and store the vacuum out of sight.  You never need to worry about bags.  Click to see if the Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum is right for your room.

Maybe you get lucky and your roommate/suitemate already owns a vacuum to clean the floors, but you still need something small and less bulky to clean your own area.  Do you need to dust your desk?  When was the last time the blinds were vacuumed?   You can go to each section of the room and use either the main suction nozzle or use the mini hose and crevice tool to get into the smaller, thinner locations.  Could the Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vacuum be the one?

During your college years, you grow, learn, and understand new aspects of education and life.  Spend less time cleaning and more time studying and making friends and memories thanks to one of these machines.  If you feel you need something a little different than these dorm and apartment approved vacuums, call one of our expertly trained associates to help find the right machine for you within your budget.  Call today at (866)-972-8227 and check “vacuum” off your back to school list.



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