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by Joe 20. January 2014 08:38

It's a Sunday afternoon and you're stuck wasting your day off cleaning your home.  As you power on your faithful Eureka and begin your descent into clean-freak madness, you begin to fantasize about what life would be like if you were a celebrity.  No more dusting, no more scrubbing, and certainly no more vacuuming!  Unfortunately, this ideal could not be further from the truth.  Not only do celebrities own vacuums, they actually use the machines themselves.  With award season coming up, let's take a look into which vacuums the stars use to clean up their acts when they're not walking down the red carpet.

The most star-studded brand of vacuum would be the German powerhouse, Miele.  While reigning Queen of Pop Madonna is loyal to the Miele of her 90s glory days, American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, goes to the latest and greatest vacuum offered by Miele.  But don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, JLo cleans her home the same as you and me, even if it is with the S8990 UniQ with a lighted underbody and easy-gliding powerhead.  Much like these two stars, Miele is in a class by itself, showcasing a hybrid of luxury and brute strength that the common man strives to obtain.

When Miley Cyrus isn't twerking or swinging on her wrecking ball, she's cleaning her private jet with the kings of marketing, Dyson.  As seen in her MTV documentary, Miley chooses convenience and ease in her cleaning with the Dyson ball.  Swiveling around the tight spaces of her jet and tour bus, Miley is able to get her neat freak on without holding up her blazing career.

It is essential to the Academy Awards that the famous red carpet be thoroughly cleaned before the big night.  For these powerful cleanings, the people of the Oscars go with Electrolux and their commercial company, Sanitaire.  For the low-pile carpeting inside the theatre, a rugged Sanitaire is used, as seen by Ellen DeGeneres's vacuuming skit at the 2007 Oscars.  Both tough and maneuverable, the Sanitaire is perfect for a commercial cleaning.  The red carpet however, needs a deeper clean.  For this, the cleaning crew goes with the Electrolux UltraActive, a powerful bagless model that will sweep through delicate carpeting without ruining the fabric.

Whether you go with the young and hip Dyson, luxurious Miele, or the deep-cleaning Electrolux, just remember that we all clean our homes one sweep at a time, even our most beloved celebrities and their assistants.  You can purchase affordable versions of each of these brands for your own home and have a slice of Hollywood in your living room.



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